How Jock Entitlement Breeds Rape Culture

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About Chelsea Cristene

Chelsea Cristene is a community college English and communications professor living in central Maryland. Follow her on Twitter @ChelseaCristene.


  1. “shift sympathy to the falsely accused” How about having sympathy for both? Rather than pushing the idea that collective punishment is ok…..since some men commit rape…It’s just necessary colatererall damage….see that at least the egregious types of deliberate false accusations are punished commensurate with the damage caused.

  2. Hank Vandenburgh says:

    The problem with putting the emphasis on men’s behavior to stop rape is that it’s more efficient to harden women as targets. That’s why the advice to women to not drink at student parties, etc. It’s less ideologically appealing, but likely to be more effective.

  3. The replies so far are interesting albeit in the negative sense of the word. There’s not a single word of outrage over the injustices suffered by actual victims of rape after the crime has been committed. A truly sad commentary.

    • “How about having sympathy for both?” I find both injustices equal in scope and severity, They both deserve justice, compensation, sympathy, healing and a return of their peace of mind. Sad is making it an oppression olympic event……. Culturally reinforced gender roles only make it harder for both to heal.

    • Chelsea Cristene says:

      I agree, Bill.

    • Hank Vandenburgh says:

      I’m actually a social scientist, so I find it useful not to deal in “outrage.” I think it’s a cheap thrill for people who do. I’d agree that frats and spots are often training grounds for men who go on to exploit others. Sororities, too, for women.

  4. I’m intrigued by some of these figures- 2/3 of NFL rosters include at least 1 person charged, not convicted?, with DV; any idea what the numbers are for community college faculties, Fortune 500 companies, ISP vendors…..?
    But I’m glad we’re keeping up with our MDR of Rape articles….
    Especially stories that seem to include only one incidence -Steubenville- where arrests and trials occur…
    Accusation is not proof. allegations are not evidence.


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