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  1. Great stuff, folks. But while I know you were pressed for space & couldn’t include *everyone*, I’m a little agitated that I was left out. Gibbons & Matthews Jr. couldn’t carry my jockstrap full of filthy syringes. I’m also agitated because I just woke up pantsless under the Liberty Bell. Again.
    Lenny Dykstra

    Dear Lenny Dykstra, Quit whining. You got your cash. Not our fault if you pissed it all away on pyramid schemes, you sawed-off, drunken halfwit.
    David Segui

    Dear Lenny Dykstra & David Segui, At least you two cocktards leveraged your juicing into lucrative, multi-year deals at all! I’m working at a fucking Quizno’s in Hoboken. Awesome.
    Kindly suck it,
    Paul Lo Duca

    Dear Lenny Dykstra, David Segui & Paul Lo Duca, Yo, can any of you help me get a job at Quizno’s?
    Ozzie Canseco

  2. Ben Goldberg-Morse says:
    • Guy, obviously you didn’t read past the title of the article, they’re defending these players as products of their time

      • Ben Goldberg-Morse says:

        “The ones who blew it for everyone else…couldn’t live with merely being great…players who had no business being in the league, etc.” That sounds like passing judgment to me, not much of a defense. And yes, there is some justification in the intro for why these guys did what they did, but casting blame instead of facts, especially for some guys who never tested positive, is the kind of ignorant observation bias that kept Jeff Bagwell out of the HOF this year.

    • Dillon Raye says:

      Big Danny Burns is taking fukin steroids and goes into roid rage once a month when he has his

  3. SS should be Miguel Tejada or A-Rod.

  4. JKRedondo says:

    Brady Anderson is the TRUE schmuck here (actually, the shlemazel). He again gets lumped in by authors who do little more than look at one career stats column and they think they have their big “AHA!!”, to prove their groundless suspicions. And we all buy into it. I am NOT saying Anderson would have hit that many homers per season commonly, but if the author would just do a bit of easy digging, he would see there were valid reasons he DIDN’T hit that many in any other season. (for example, the prior year was 1994!! then after he hit 50, he played the entire next season with a broken rib. THEN he had a CAREER season at the plate after that, but he was simply no longer a homerun hitter!) And as far as NO RESEARCH goes, why doesn’t the author note that Brady was also inseparable best friends (then and still today) with that other guy who hit ALOT more homers LATER in his career than early on, during that SAME period….a man who’s not exactly a bastion of “steroid suspicion”, CAL RIPKEN, JR??? My point is, it’s clear the author didn’t do his homework. HIs article is just pap to fuel our sad national controversy.

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  7. You all are forgetting MANY other steroid users:

    David Segui, Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Andres Galarraga, Juan Gonzalez, Ruben Mateo, John Valentin, just to name a few!


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