My Codependent Relationship

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About JD Roberto

JD Roberto can be found 5 days a week as host of The Better Show, a nationally syndicated daytime talk show seen around the country. Game show fans known him from shows like The Price is Right and Shop 'Til You Drop, plus reality shows like Outback Jack, Are You Hot? and E! News Live. His writing has appeared in Parents Magazine, Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times and on Check out his parenting blog at The Hands On Dad and follow him on twitter @jdroberto.


  1. Amy Schultz says:

    Heart-wrenching, beautifully said, and spot on. I think of my brother, my father, and my grandfather.

  2. Jim Wilson says:

    Great piece! I laughed out loud when I read about the tube socks, maybe a little too close to home.
    Though there is a stage four, when your son has a child and you get to see to process repeated. And you get to be a superhero again to your grandchildern. Well done JD.

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