Twenty Years Down the (Shower) Drain?

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  1. I don’t see you can answer this questions as presented here. If he and his wife are having a sweet sex life it’s very unlikely she’s a lesbian and her solo sessions are probably, well, just fun solo sessions. If their marriage is sexless (which seems to be what he’s kind of implying), then yeah, her solo masturbation is a problem and the shower incident takes on a whole new significance.

  2. There is insufficient info here.

    Why is she in the adjoining room doing this? Do they sleep in separate bedrooms? Is the marriage sexless? How long has this been going on in the 20 yrs?

    Her masturbating loudly is simply insensitive and pathetic.

    Obviously she has a libido if she is masturbating. If she is not having sex with him, then he is correct to question her fidelity. Unfortunately, a lack of sex in marriage is common in America.

    He should point blank ask her about the affair matter. If she is defensive, then he has his answer. The majority of married women who are not screwing their husbands AND have a libido are definitely screwing someone else.

    If he has the $$$, I would hire a PI to get me the answer on the cheating issue. Simple as that. If he wants the truth, he is going to have to think outside the box on this one.

  3. The fact that she came home, showered immediatly, and got all defensive about it tells me there’s definitely something going on. If she’s ‘switched teams’ there’s probably nothing he can do to get her back. If, however, it’s another guy she’s seeing, the loud vocal ‘solo sessions’ says he has a shot at it. Just remember, 10-20-30- years togeather means nothing if someone ‘wants out’. You dont get senority rights or a pension in relationships (although there is alimony!)

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