What It’s Like to Work in Walmart Hell

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  1. I hear ya about working in Walmart hell. Been there, done that. I was an IT Manager by day for a small drafting company, barely scraping by, so I took a p/t job at Walmart to help ease the burden. I think they took a small part of my soul. I ran an IT Dept by day, and changed oil and tires by night and weekends.

    I was lucky enough to work in the automotive section with some pretty decent guys, and didn’t have to interact with customers much since I spent most of my time in the shop. I did spend my time on the floor playing avoid-the-customer though, so I feel your pain.

    The anti-union bit bothered me a lot. I grew up in mining towns that always had a strong union presence, so the power of the union was ingrained in me from an early age. While I don’t think the propaganda is quite as blatantly anti-union here in Canada, it is an attitude that is still very much alive and part of the Walmart culture.

    Hang in there and keep rewarding yourself at the end of each day by not committing suicide and you’ll pull through.

  2. “Our clothing section is filled with goods sewn by third-world sweatshop workers earning pennies per hour.”

    Thanks for not leaving out this part about the goods being manufactured in sweatshops.

  3. Gee, this sort of explains why when I asked a clerk if they carried any Passover items, because I couldn’t find them (not that I expected to–but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask) she suggested that I should try the Hobby Lobby.

  4. That’s why I only go to Wal-Mart for food, mostly Haagen-Daz and Naked Juice, because I know these are American made products. I make it a point to buy America (which includes shopping on-line) to avoid exploiting some poor factory workers in China or Cambodia. I’m the kind of customer who looks at miserable employees and thinks to myself, ‘I feel tempted to let them rant about their shitty jobs, but their two million bosses they have could be hiding anywhere.’ I’ve never worked at Wal-Mart, but I can totally sympathize with a job like that.

    • All workers are exploited. Even unionized American workers. Some just more than others. And, “American made” might mean no labor even used to make product, since robotics are replacing human labor by the millions. Even in China!

  5. Prunella says:

    I’m amazed that you, having had a career as a professional, could even get a job at WalMart. I tried when I was unemployed and they wouldn’t even consider me.

  6. Wow, I’ve read so many bad reviews about Wal-Mart. Mostly I think you’re all disgruntled lazy workers that wanted to get paid to do absolutely nothing. I mean i am a Wal-Mart Associate and I don’t mind it at all. Sure it has it’s downside, but if you shut up and do your job, you’re fine. The fact you play “dodge the customer” proves how lazy you really are,and that you don’t belong anywhere near retail. you can’t deal with the ppl, get an office job. And other retailers are MUCH worse than Wal Mart, believe me! I worked for Sears and Carson pirie Scott. Both of THEM mistreated their employees. I made maybe 20 hours a week at Sears and MAYBE 16 at Carsons. At Carson’s, I became pregnant and they cut my hours to 5 a week because I had to sit down for 5 minutes every 3 hours (by doctors orders) otherwise I got too worn out and weak. But after that, I was FINE. At Sears, they closed down my location and fired 95 percent of all the workers. Meaning, on the last day we were open, they told us we could never work for Sears or Kmart ever again for the rest of our lives. And we weren’t lazy ass ppl either. Most of us busted our butts for that company for years just to be cut off. Finally when I got to Walmart, I have 32 hours a week working in apparel. I’m still pregnant and I am able to have job protection when I have my baby. I have a chance to be promoted, and I finally have benefits. If you want to whine about how horrible Wal-Mart is, try working those retailers and then tell me what you think.

  7. And don’t forget about those cds that are edited. I mean, ALL the cds. Have you ever seen a Green Day cd in Walmart? Thats because Green Day will not be censored. So, they don’t sell in Walmart stores.
    If you want a cd that might have bad words in it, don’t buy it at Walmart!!!! I didn’t know this until I bought a Timbaland cd, and listened to it thinking “what the heck is this?”

  8. the punisher says:




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