Why Do We Forgive Adulterous Women?

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  1. It’s because women and men are deluded into the concept that women are the default victims and if sahe cheated on you then the man must have been inadequate or driven her to do it. The same is not true in reverse. it’s brainwashing at it’s worst.

  2. The sad truth is that men and women cheat. I don’t think there is a statistic that proves who does it more, nor is there a statistic which proves why either gender does it. I believe everyone is an individual and some may cheat for love, some may cheat for pleasure, but the fact is, everyone who cheats, does it out of selfishness, and that is hurtful.

  3. Bottom line: Men and women both cheat. Whether it be out of lust, boredom, loneliness, “love”, etc. it’s never right. It is a dishonorable way to treat another person. If. you simply must have another, at least have the integrity to end things with the one you’re with. And in those instances where one feels “driven into the arms of another” from emotional/sexual neglect (yes, it can happen!) I still think you will be respecting yourself more by just leaving the one that is not doin’ you right.than by.cheating.


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