Prostate Cancer: A Danger For Men

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  1. Oh – How interesting. Men and A Health Issue. They are rarer than Flying Pigs!

    Any Idea what the symptoms are for Prostate Cancer – especially for the surprisingly young?

    Prostates and men things are still in the comedy zone, a bit like Prison Rape and Don’t Drop The Soap. Any idea of any none comedy based info of what prostates are, where they are, what to look out for and especially what young guys should be watchful for, especially the surprisingly young.

    There is a very middle class and privileged attitude to men and Prostates ….. along with people having annual medical exams and assuming the position – generally from age 50 up and with a bank balance that allows it!

    I know it’s hard for some Middle Aged, Financially Solvent, Middle Class types to grasp – but Prostate Cancer really is Equal Opportunity Territory, and guys with poor quality, low cost and even budget net access may appreciate a few tips. I keep wondering at the Racial Profiling around male cancer and why skin tone is such a factor in both diagnosis, treatment, Prognosis and also age of death.

    Is that to do with how radiation gets thorough the skin or how certain drugs react to skin colour?

    It’s not just spot the celeb with a prostate and some celeb gossip – such as Sir Ian (Margaret to his friends) has been pushing a little harder when it comes to having a number 1 and his Detrusor Muscle is aching and not from laughter.

    I find it amazing that there is a Butter Ball Hotline where you can ask anything you like about stuffing a Turkey and giving thanks for Salmonella – but if you use 1 800 Prostate or 1 800 MaleCancer the silence is deafening!

    Now there is a project for someone – getting prostates on a hotline and even saving a few lives with a seasoning of equality.

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