Attracted to Both Sexes, Committed to One Person

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About Jennifer Pashley

Jennifer Pashley was raised in Central New York by an accordion virtuoso and a casket maker.


  1. Melissa Y says:

    This is beautiful. Cheers to you, for knowing who you are and celebrating it.

  2. John Smith says:

    I am Bi and I clearly remember an ex boyfriend of my saying “How can you be Bi. You have to choose otherwise you will never be happy, always wanting a man when your with a woman and vice versa”. Oddly that relationship didn’t last long as he had no trust in me and got jealous of me talking to men and women…

  3. I wonder why so few people have commented, unless of course it’s because bisexuality may be more uncomfortable (incomprehensible?) to some than homosexuality. Or, as you say, it’s the fact that you’re married and your husband is aware of your sexuality.

    In a good marriage, isn’t that exactly what we would expect? Real knowledge of the other?

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