Hollywood’s Downtown Double Standard

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Adam Polaski is a rising senior journalism major at Ithaca College, where he enjoys writing, reading, and procrastinating entrance into the big, bad, post-academia world. He also writes for The Bilerico Project and The New Gay. Email him at apolaski7[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. The word is “censoring.”

    One really has to see the scene to make a judgement. There have been numerous scenes of female oral sex (including lesbians); it all depends on how it’s done.

  2. I’m going to go TOTALLY in a different direction here. I argue that if the couple in the scene wasn’t married it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Maybe that’s totally all “you’re an idiot, dudet”. But riddle me this? How often do you see sex scenes where the characters ARE married? Seriously?

  3. ChopperPapa, I think I agree with you, but I would even argue that you don’t see many movies at all featuring married characters who aren’t just about to get married. There’s this great article by Mark Harris about The Kids Are Alright (http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20402032,00.html), and how it’s one of the few movies in the past few years that focused on the complicated aspects of marriage, and it had a few scenes of healthy, married-people sex itself. It’s refreshing, and I think that more movies should explore those sorts of stories. But I also think that when those sorts of stories are released, we should be able to get a chance to actually see them.

  4. Having seen both movies and scenes, I would say that BS ‘s is much more graphic than BV. The latter is shot from the side so we see Gosling’s head disappearing between Williams’ legs while she happily orgasms. The other scene ( true to Aronevsky’s neurosis) is shit mostly as a POV from Portman who dies not appear to be sure exactly whether she’s liking this or not. There’s wiping after and a general come- hither titillating aspect to it that I imagine is there to service the heteros in the audience…

    The board is saying: Selling sex is fine. Enjoying it is not.

  5. Woops. That was meant to say “shot from” not shit. Apologies.

  6. Great ‘O-face’ reference. Love how you got the clip in there too.

  7. The thing is every movie studio knows a R rating really means all 13 and over will want to see this movie. So as a father I understand the concern. At the end of the day it is up to the parent to guide their children. But as we know that seems to be lacking.


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