Family Values Candidate Repeatedly Raped Young Boy

TW for child molestation. 

Eric Bodenweiser, Republican candidate for the Delaware State Senate and member of the Delaware Family Policy Council, was arrested for allegedly having unlawful sex acts with a 13-year-old boy.

Anti-sex ideas don’t work. We have tried the “shame people for having sex that we don’t like and then there won’t be rape!” tactic again and again and again. It does not fucking work. Homophobia, sex-negativity, slut-shaming… we’ve tried it. And time after time the very perpetrators of those beliefs end up being the rapists and abusers, and the shame around sexuality hurts the very survivors they say they’re going to protect. The only thing that will reduce the rate of rape is developing a consent culture. A culture in which boundaries are always respected, in which consent matters both inside and outside of the bedroom, in which “no” is a complete sentence.

Without excusing Mr. Bodenweiser’s heinous acts, they are the natural outcome of his attraction to men and his beliefs about homosexuality. After all, if gay men are sick and evil, if many of them molest children, if the very act of being attracted to people of the same gender is something God loathes and a sign that you were damaged… if you believe you’re evil already, you might end up molesting a thirteen-year-old. After all, you already risk being an outcast in your community and separated from your God if you act upon your desires. It’s not like molesting children makes it any worse… and the kid might not speak up.

It’s horrible. I do not condone it. And the rape culture here is something I intend to fight.

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    The other way doesn’t help much, either. See Frank Lombard at Duke. Not much ink on this outrage, there being so many conflicting narratives nobody knows what to think except that the kid in question seems to be an expendable stage prop.

  2. Having known four very young rapists all too well, I cannot conclude that they were/are gay and or ever once considered what they were doing was a homosexual act. My studies of many many child sexual abusers and their cases, I still cannot conclude any correlation between homosexuality and same-gender rape.

    Ozy. You are on a mega-vien of reality with the “consent” focus. I just wonder if you are on the same page I am and the 50 states’ laws regarding consent. Namely that “children cannot consent. they can only comply.”

    Reasons for that plank in child rape law include the position that children can be duped, are still under their parents control, children can be threatened to “consent” in avoidance of direct or secondary harms.

    Your article has amazing timing, as I have been discussing the evolution of consent laws in the EuroZone with some global policy folks. I think the general public (those who care), would be genuinely shocked to see the variations of consent laws and child-rape penalty throughout the world.

    Angola: 12yo
    The age of consent in Tunisia is 20.

  3. QuantumInc says:

    I had a similar line of though too. If sex in general (or rather non-marital sex) is considered to be a bad thing in of itself, then rape can only be slightly worse. The the weight of the ethical consideration of consent is diminished in one’s decision making process, it matters less. According to some, touching someone with your penis is “taking advantage” regardless of their response, so doing it without consent isn’t particularly worse.

    Obviously conservatives recoil from the reality of rape just as much as liberals. However they do seem to believe in a version of sexual morality that largely dates back to medieval Catholic philosophers. In this version of sexual morality, sex outside marriage is a perversion, and it automatically degrades women, and of course marriage is between 1 woman and 1 man.

  4. Most homosexual paedophiles don’t think of themselves as gay. In the same way that rapist prison guards aren’t gay. It is about power and abuse, not sexual orientation.

    I agree with you about consent culture though.

  5. Ozy – I think you may be getting a little carried away and could do with a break from the issues of sexual assault and related.

    You seem to be mixing everything from sexuality to politics in one big melting pot and then coating everything in molten Rape Culture. Time to take a break.

  6. Seriously, Ozy?

    I thought better of you. They are not the natural result of his beliefs on homosexuality-plus-him-being-gay.

    Even if molesting kids won’t ‘make it worse’ morally for him… Which I don’t think that I can agree with… He’d have to ALSO be attracted to thirteen year old boys in the first place. His beliefs on homosexuality, regardless of how strongly held, would not make him believe that thirteen year olds are attractive if he’s gay.

    I’ve got some friends from the Evangelical community. Including many who for some time were coming to terms with homosexuality, and were still sure that homosexuality was totally evil and depraved.

    But that didn’t make them attracted to teenagers. Sometimes they were afraid that they would, if they really admitted their sexuality, become attracted to children.

    But they didn’t, and they weren’t. Even once they fully admitted they were gay, and yet still theologically believed that made them depraved, they didn’t become child molesters.

    I don’t know why you would come to that conclusion, I really don’t. I was sure you knew better than that.

    • There are many, many, many child molesters who are not pedophiles, and not attracted to children. Many child molesters – like all rapists – do it because they can. It’s convenient, they have a way to do it, and they want to.

      I hate this perpetration that all child molesters are pedophiles, and that all pedophiles are child molesters. Child molestation is an action – something that is chosen by the perpetrator. Pedophilia is something that people are born with, and can control when given the right tools and support systems. A child molester is most likely to be someone close to the child, and has access to the child in public – a family member, a friend of the family, or an authority figure in the child’s life.

      I’m not saying I necessarily agree that it’s a foregone conclusion that because someone feels being gay is evil they might molest a child because they see it as just as evil, but I am saying that you don’t need to be attracted to children to be a child molester.

    • Not sure why the idea that child molestation can be nothing more than sexualized violence (like any other act of rape) is such a no-no for you. I’m sure we all know or have heard of adults who take their marriage or job frustrations out on their children/students/underage charges, right? Because they’re smaller, weaker, and not as able to defend their right to be treated with respect as an adult might be? Same principle: extreme cowardice.

      There’s also another psychological phenomenon at work in a lot of these kinds of cases, especially those involving Evangelicals because of their extreme focus on morality: your basic sort of psychological projection. From wikipedia:

      “Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.”

    • Molestation of children, just like any other form of rape, is about POWER, not sexual attraction. Sexual attraction doesn’t even have to be there at all.

      A pederast is simply exerting the unnatural degree of control he desires, over the people he has access to and can easily bully–children. Pederasts are not necessarily pedophiles, nor vice-versa.

      • And your point is? I don’t see how that has anything to do with whatI said.

        Perhaps I was upset. I know people who are homophobic, who think homosexuality is totally depraved. Some of them are gay. Many of them are gay. In fact, most of the homophobic people I Have met, I have met through my discussions of theology – As an openly gay Christian, they often want to discuss things like that with me.

        They are very concerned about the idea that they will want to molest children. They do not want to be child molesters.

        You’re right. Sexual attraction DOESN’T lead to rape. But what I was replying to was what Ozy said.

        “Without excusing Mr. Bodenweiser’s heinous acts, THEY ARE THE NATURAL OUTCOME of his attraction to men and his beliefs about homosexuality.”

        Ozy referred to “Acting on your desires.”

        “After all, you already risk being an outcast in your community and separated from your God IF YOU ACT ON YOUR DESIRES. It’s not like molesting children makes it any worse… and the kid might not speak up.”

        Those are the points I was referring to.

        It is about control, and power, but what Ozy was referring to was sexual attraction. So I responded to sexual attraction.

        To the idea that it’s a natural outcome of homosexual people being raised in a homophobic atmosphere.

        I know gay people who are open, to me at least, about being gay who still believe that homosexuality is sinful, that they will go to hell, and that they are inherently depraved for their desires. They see homosexuality as terrible and offensive to God, and they are still trying to come to grips with the fact that they’re gay.

        It’s very painful, for them and for me, trying to help them understand that they’re gay, and that’s okay, and it doesn’t mean god hates them.

        I don’t support homophobic environments. I think that they’re terrible. And I’m not trying to defend homophobia. There are a lot of terrible natural outcomes of homosexual people being raised in a homophobic environment.

        Depression. Anxiety. Self-loathing. Suicide.

        But ‘molesting children’ is not one of them. It is not a natural outcome, and in fact, in my experience, it is not an outcome at all.


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