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I literally have so many tabs open that my Internet is going HURPSLORPBORKFUCKYOUOZY, so I am going to put all the links here now and then hopefully it will stop vomiting when loading pony fanart on Tumblr.

Chris Brown, noted abusive fuckhead, gets a tattoo of Rihanna/a woman who got beaten up/some Day of the Dead thing on his neck. Look, people, if you are an abuser, you should really check to see whether your tattoos look like a domestic violence victim before you get them. Actually, you should do that in general.

A heartwarming story at Shakesville about a trans man and how his father’s fat managed to get him to love his own. Seriously. Is some adorable shit.

Some baseball dude wrote “you are a faggot” on his eyeblack in Spanish. And then justified it by saying it’s not homophobic in Spanish. Reaaaaaally. This is totally a thing which I believe.

It turns out that, contra most of the reporting on that particular study,. men and women are equally likely to not be grossed out when turned on. Men and women more similar than different, news at 11.

Binge drinking and prescription drug abuse on the rise in the military.

Sociological Images talks about the prison-industrial complex.

An interesting Tumblr rant about the ways the patriarchy keeps women from being able to fully love men.

Speaking of, another rant on how the pressure on women to be caretakers makes them uncomfortable with men expressing a full emotional range.

A meditation on what it is to be a good man.

Chick-Fil-A adopts an anti-discrimination policy and stops donating money to anti-gay organizations. Except maybe not. It’s confusing. Fuck your homophobic chicken sandwiches.

The popularity of Gangnam Style over other Korean artists relates to the artist fitting the model of an “acceptable” Asian man– funny, nerdy, and definitely not sexy.

On urinal etiquette.

Ms. Magazine has a manifesto for feminist men. Co-fucking-signed.

Chris Grayling is worried about the epidemic of inmates enjoying prison and has declared that he will reduce the cost of prison. Oh God, not inmates watching SPORTS! What has the world come to? Next thing they’ll think they’re people or something.

TW for abuse and rape. Terry Williams suffered violent physical and sexual abuse for his entire life. After being raped by two men, he killed them. He now faces the death penalty. (He is, of course, a young black man. Why am I not surprised?)

The journal of a closeted trans man in the military.

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  1. …Am I the only woman in America who finds PSY sexy?

  2. I always thought it was interesting how urinal etiquette breaks down at sports events and nobody seems to mind. It’s like we have our Urinal Code Of Ethics, but we all agreed to make an exception for football games.

  3. Regarding “The Emotions of Men”:

    It’s not only about being a woman, it’s about being a survivor of child abuse (indeed, it’s the abuse she leads with). I have definitely read similar feelings described by male survivors of child abuse.

  4. Joey Joe Joe says:

    As always, I am opposed to the white ribbon campaign and such causes that ask for men to not commit violence to women. If we want men to not commit violence, why stop at men not hitting women and not just have people, men and women, sign a pledge to end violence and not commit violence to anyone?

  5. If some people enjoy prison life too much and that is a problem because prison is no longer seen as a deterrent I would rather one aspired to making the life outside prison better and with more opportunities for people than making life in prison more miserable for those who are incarcerated (statistics on sexual violence in prisons belies any assertions that all inmates enjoy prison too much).

  6. Not terribly supprised by the whole inmates liking prison thing. People can get used to ANYthing. It’s kind of disturbing. And could have stockholm syndrome element.

  7. Why oh why did I click on that first Tumblr rant? So many strawmen that they could start up their own straw-patriarchial society! Can you find anyone, even the most hard-hearted anti-feminist patriarchal d-bag who will say that woman are “not supposed to care how men look” and “are somehow castrating harpies if we lift a finger to stand up for [men]”?

    Seriously, troll around the worst corners of Reddit and find me a man who will say any of these things.

    So much self-pity! So much inveighing against people with wrong beliefs who do not, in fact, exist! Please, it hurts my eyeballs!

    • Haven’t you ever heard the theory that women don’t care at all about men’s looks and only care about status (e.g.

      Hard to say how influential this idea is in mainstream society. I’d say it’s losing a lot of it’s impact these days (most women I know are fairly vocal about their interest in men’s looks and most young men, at least, seem to have their fair share of physical insecurities). It’s a pretty well known theory though.

      • And I’ve heard my boyfriend, for one, express that he doesn’t like women standing up for him, for reasons which I have deduced are due to this being an improper gender role expression.

    • @Rhubarb8- Yes, even today, the idea that women are not supposed to care how men look exists. Not only that, but I would consider it quite prominent. There’s an article on GMP that I came across the other day, which was written in 2011 sometime, about men feeling that their girlfriend will never find them sexy and beautiful and how bad that feels. This is because society is telling these men (and women too) that women are the only gender to express beauty and the only gender anyone should be looking at. Images of beautiful and sexy men are not easy to find. (I do feel that heterosexual men are conditioned to find these images uncomfortable, though, because society puts a lot of homophobic conditioning on men…this could be one of the causes.) I was on an advice forum once where a guy was saying how bad it made him feel that (he thought) he would never be loved for his looks, and he was being bombarded with comments (probably mostly from women) saying sarcastically ‘ohhh no, wouldn’t it be terrible to be loved for your personality!’ which was extremely unhelpful to the poor guy. Society was teaching him that women didn’t actually find men attractive for their looks (well, he seemed to acknowledge that they might find the oily bodybuilder type look attractive, but that was it, and he thought that ALL women would only like that- there was literally no accounting for taste), and he needed to know that wasn’t true. Because it really, really isn’t. Women have a wide range of tastes and find men really attractive who look all different ways.

      I have encountered the idea in expressions of my own attraction to- as a woman it is assumed that my friends who I am not dating are in the ‘friend zone’. The friend zone assumes that I could just date anyone who was nice to me (and that being in that zone is some kind of punishment, but never mind that for now) without any consideration of whether I was attracted to my male friends or not. (I do believe, by the way, that personality is a large part of attractiveness, but that this is closely interlinked with physical attractiveness. For example, I might not be physically attracted to a guy on first meeting, but after getting to know him I might find myself physically attracted to him more and more. I bet lots of women will attest to this. It doesn’t happen with every man, of course, and you certainly can’t just MAKE chemistry happen, which is why the friend zone idea pisses me off.) Interestingly, if you’re a woman and you imply that you might find some men more attractive than others you will probably be accused of being shallow…by other women. This shows how deeply ingrained the idea of women not being physically attracted to men is for us. I believe it is part of our sexist society, and that it damages both men and women.

      I was not particularly crazy about that tumblr rant in general, but these are my thoughts on that particular part.

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