A method of reconstructing penises that have been lost in accidents (so far only tested on rabbits). Science is Cool.

An interesting article about the distress privileged people feel when their privilege is lost.

TW for abuse. Sir Roger Moore comes out as a survivor of domestic violence, thus becoming one of the most prominent male celebrities to do so.

TW for eating disorders. GQ writes about the experiences of male anorexics and asks why we don’t pay as much attention to them.

A conflict in New York City about the regulation of circumcision. The traditional method of circumcision practiced by many ultra-Orthodox Jews includes placing the mohel’s mouth on the baby’s penis to suck away blood; this presents a risk of transmitting oral herpes to the baby, and babies have died because of it.

Zimmerman wants to look at Trayvon Martin’s school records. I have no idea what he intends to prove, beyond “George Zimmerman is a racist fuckwit.” Is it totally okay to murder people who got shit grades now?

TW for transphobic murder. Another trans woman of color found dead. Fuck everything.

This image fills me with infinite ant-fat-shaming happies.

Speaking of things that fill me with happies: this. Especially once you get to the Wonder Woman one.

If you like the Avengers, you will love this crackvid. Especially when Loki starts singing. It is my personal opinion that Hiddleston needs to sing Broadway songs at me all the time.

Alas A Blog has the best fan theory about a gay marriage ad. The. Best.

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  1. The Green Arrow/Black Canary image fills me with joy because 1) They’re my favorite DC couple and 2) that seems like the kind of jolly mischief they would get up to. The Catwoman/Batman image is just adorable. I also generally preferred the full coverage Huntress costume. Egads that thing looked cool.

  2. Ant-fat-shaming? Brilliant! Instead of fat-shaming people, everyone can just fat-shame ants instead. Gather ’round the anthill and tell the workers their abdomens look big.

  3. I just watched some Roger Moore James Bond movies…pretty rough stuff he went through.

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