Click: Slam Poet Marshall Davis Jones Performs ‘Touchscreen’



Marshall Soulful Jones performs this live at the Bowery Poetry Club in NY. And yes, we’re aware of the irony of sharing this on Facebook and Youtube and Twitter—when the poem speaks so eloquently about the lack of humanity in those networks.

Marshall is worth watching not just for the idea behind his poem, but for the wonderful wordplay throughout. “It used to be difficult to connect when friends formed cliques but it’s even more difficult when clicks form friends.” And Twitter doesn’t escape his rage agains the i-machines: “I can’t hear the sound of mother nature speaking over all this tweeting.”

Listen to the rest, if you are like us you’ll watch it two or three times–especially the last line, which is killer. And then you’ll be sure to tweet it out, won’t you?

Marshall Soulful Jones

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  1. Wow. I got chills watching this. A fine performance and a great example of modern poetry, and a wake up call for the disconnected.

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