I’m Back

I'm back

Josh Bowman has been away from his blog for a while. He’s back now, kicking and screaming.

I’ve been away from my blog for a while…taking a break while I figure things out. If you have been reading and wondering where I went here are some reasons I haven’t been writing:

  1. I’ve been depressed. I know it can be dull to constantly read about someone being depressed, and I certainly don’t want to write about it all the time. But it has kept me away from my blog, and it’s part of who I am. For the sake of pushing myself to get back on the writing horse (which, incidentally, would be an awful invention) I’m making a point of mentioning it here.
  2. I’ve had writer’s block. I’ve had nothing to say…or at least it’s felt that way. And I can only write so many blogs about brunch.
  3. I moved. I moved into an apartment with my girlfriend. It’s a big move, and it’s taken most of my waking hours to sort it out (after my day job, that is).
  4. A dog. I had to dog sit for a while, and she kept having to pee.
  5. I went to a conference. I spoke at a conference at Queen’s University. It was a huge honour to speak there. I kept it a secret that I was drowning in writer’s block, and did my best to act like a person who knows things about stuff.
  6. It was snowy. I didn’t go out much, so I didn’t have much to talk about.
  7. The news is boring. That’s not true…the news is exciting. I just haven’t had anything to add. Besides, I like the name Oscar.
  8. I can’t always produce content. When you write for quantity over quality, your work suffers. So I took a break, to break the habit of writing for the sake of writing.
  9. I was working on a book. I’ve been working on a children’s book, and even sat down with a publisher. They passed on the idea, sadly, and now I am in a rut about what to do next.
  10. I want to write fiction. But I’m not. I’m blogging. and I don’t know where to start with my fiction writing, and it’s paralyzing.

Thanks for letting me indulge.

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