About a Boy and a (Temporarily) Secret Chord

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About Jason Fry

Jason Fry is a writer, Mets blogger and Star Wars dork in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has enough digital music that you’re guaranteed to find things that you’d approve of as well as things that would make you cackle and point. Write to him at [email protected], and see more at jasonfry.net.


  1. I’ve always been an album man myself. I envy that my offspring will get to hear OK computer for the first time one day.

  2. This post made me smile so many ways. My mother (bless her) bought our son, Marcus, his very first (512MB) MP3 player for his third birthday. Before that, he’d already figured out how to pick his favorite MP3s from out collection on our Media PC in both Winamp and Media Portal. It’s amazing what has become a favorite and what fell by the wayside in the past 2.5 years. Marcus prefers concert footage videos in Youtube to the artistic creations that his father and I favored from our MTV generation youth. But he’ll happily listen to an hour of Jethro Tull performing, or Petula Clark and then correct me on the lyrics for Kumi Koda (JPop) or Andrew W.K.. He’s infatuated with Pink, but knows who the O’Jays and the Doors are. In between Froggy Went a Courting and Ten Bears in the Bed, you might hear The Runner by Mannfred Mann or Don’t Fear The Reaper by BOC. And then “It’s a Marshmallow World”…

    Kids and music! Isn’t it the most wonderful thing in the world to experience with them?

  3. my two year old’s two favorite songs are one of those they might be giants kids songs about the alphabet and slayer’s “reign in blood”. i am a little sad i’m going to have to drop some of the more obviously obscene extreme metal from the rotation for a few years, as he really love coffinworm’s “strip nude for your killer” as well.

    discordance axis can stay forever, at least.

  4. Ahh, I’m right there with you. My daughter will be 7 next month and is already starting to develop her own musical taste & sensibility that’s been not-so subtly shaped by my hand. I can’t wait until she starts finding things I missed or don’t know about and starts turning me on to her music.

  5. I too am very much into music and know what you mean about teaching your kids to love music. My first ipod was given to me by my parents on my second deployment to Iraq. The gifting of the ipod wasn’t what stuck with me, it was that my dad had loaded it with every single Beatles record that had been made along with a selection of his favorites. Now I am 2 ipods and 2 iphones down the road and many of those same songs are still loaded up for me to listen to. Someday down the road I will introduce my daughter to the music that I like so that she can learn a little about my taste in music (and hopefully break her free of the Justin Bieber kick she is on now) but until then I can still pick the radio stations while we drive and what I have on in the background at home.

    On a side note, I’m a huge “Star Wars dork” too. Good to see there are more of us out there. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend “Fanboys” I think it is a must see for all Star Wars fans like us.


  6. I’m glad my parents are basically of the pre-rock ‘n’ roll generation. Not too old to appreciate the Beatles, but definitely from a time when more people were classical music-literate. They also liked jazz and the link to the “Great American Songbook” that that represents. That way, I had the benefit of their far-reaching tastes (which took years to sink in) as well as the classic/punk/Eighties stuff I gravitated to on my own.

  7. Great article thanks for sharing. This gave me a chill, “he’ll discover the spooky power of the right song at the right time to transform everything—and the impossibility of recapturing that moment again.”

  8. The Fags! So woefully underrated. Blows my mind how this band wasn’t enormous.

    List is incomplete without Superchunk, Sloan, and Archers of Loaf, but otherwise, great list!

  9. This is just plain awesome. I’ve read it about three times now.


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