Dump the Rom-Coms and Get Yourself Some Jane Austen

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About Alastair Roberts

Alastair Roberts is a grad student in Durham, England. When he is not working he enjoys cooking, long walks, browsing in second hand bookstores, knitting, word games, exploring cathedral cities, and following the fortunes of the English cricket team.


  1. Alan Siebuhr says:

    Good to see I am not the only one who enjoyed Pride and Prejudice immensely.

  2. I can almost imagine the tirade against Notebook to be a personal vendetta and I am not complaining!

    And yet, the credit you give Austen as an author who tried to educate the reader as well as the characters and through the characters as opposed to the mass manufactured formulaic rom-coms is spot on. Not just rom-coms but the entire media industry, from sitcoms to advertisements to radio shows, we keep hearing about the helplessness of the creators in doling out anything but what ‘the audience wants.’ Frankly, this is pathetic and is akin to a drug dealer dealing drugs with a clean conscience because that is what his clients want.

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