About Jake DiMare

Jake DiMare lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his fiancee Jackie. In addition to writing for the Good Men Project, Jake is a digital strategist managing large scale web projects for government, health and higher education clients. When Jake’s not at work he enjoys sailing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, movies and hanging out with friends. Jake blogs at jakedimare.com and can be found on Twitter @jakedimare

Sailing with Bob

Jake DiMare went looking for sailing and found so much more.


Jake DiMare suspects that Conservatives are probably not so happy with the choice of words used to label this historic change in the way we do health care in the United States now.

Chuck Klosterman and the Inspiration to Keep Trying at Goodness

Jake DiMare lays bare his insecurities about writing for the Good Men Project, but finds renewed motivation from famous author, Chuck Klosterman.

Suicide and Mad Men

Jake DiMare takes a look at the male dominated epidemic of suicide through the lens of AMC’s Mad Men.

The Pitcher: How Curt Schilling Let Me Down

Searching for lessons in the implosion of 38 Studios only brings Jake DiMare internal conflict and pain.

To My Unconditionally Devoted Mother

Jake DiMare reflects on his mom, 5 years after her passing.

True Gentlemen

Jake DiMare talks with a fraternity member about being a good man, and learns a few things himself.

Boomers Beware: How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Jake DiMare throws down harsh criticisms and strong recommendations to those Americans born between 1945 and 1964.

Ted Nugent: Flight of the Chicken Hawks

Jake DiMare is officially calling bullshit on Ted Nugent’s patriotic, tough-guy act.

Firefighter Fanning Flames of Hate

In the wake of firefighter Brian Beckman’s hateful comments regarding Trayvon Martin, Jake DiMare hopes we can separate out the hero from the heroism.

Please, Define The Word ‘Coward’

Jake DiMare wonders why there seems to be so many ways to rationalize cowardice.

Deadbeat Congressman Joe Walsh Thinks Wounded Vets Are A Joke

Jake DiMare thinks a wounded Iraq war veteran will make a better leader than a deadbeat dad.

Was Terri Schiavo’s Life Worth More Than Trayvon Martin’s?

On the anniversary of another controversial Florida case, that of Terri Shiavo, Jake DiMare wonders where are all of the Floridians who held vigil for her life, now that we’re talking about the life of a vibrant young man?

Republican House of Scandal, A Year of Republican Hypocrisy

Jake DiMare wonders when John Boehner and his cohorts will drop the sanctimonious act, shut the hell up, and get to work.

Bush-Nominated Judge Sends Racist Email About Obama

Jake DiMare wonders what Judge Cebull was feeling when he hit send?

JP Morgan’s CEO Thinks YOU are Overpaid

Jake DiMare calls out JP Morgan’s wealthy CEO, who claims newspaper employees are overpaid at $44,000 a year.