About Moses Okoth

My life is serving as an Advocate and Social Change agent. I am about building relationships to end domestic, sexual, family and men ending violence in Africa. I work for a culturally specific domestic and sexual violence prevention as a man ally. Although the work is often challenging, I love what I do and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I am a positive, upbeat brother who loves being around others who are likewise. I am an African Advocate who loves AFRICA. To me this is a calling!

Kenyan Calls for More Involvement from African Fathers

The father of writer Moses Okoth

Problems of Kenyan fathers reflect the historical perceptions of fatherhood

I Am a Dark-Skinned African. In Terms of Racist Hierarchy, at the Bottom of the Food Chain. Or Should Be.


Moses Okoth is quite comfortable in his deep mahogany skin. But he still has questions about how society views race.