About Quiet Riot Girl

Quiet Riot Girl is a blogger with a keen interest in gender and sexuality. She has just self-published her first novella, about what might have happened if Michel Foucault, the french homosexual philosopher, had have had a daughter.

Teen Princes: Men Writing Young Adult (YA) Fiction

British YA fiction authors James Dawson and Tim Gardner talk about their teen years.

MetroseXY Movement

Androgynous “metrosexual” artist DPhill stands out among his hypermasculine peers in hip hop.

Teenage Kicks: 5/12

Quiet Riot Girl calls for submissions from—and on the subject of—teenage boys and young men.

A Partial Defense Of Narcissism

Quit Riot Girl believes that narcissism is less a personality disorder, and more a normal attribute of contemporary culture—even for men.

In Praise of Metrosexual Men

Quiet Riot Girl asks, “What’s not to like?”

Masculinity Isn’t Good—It’s Great

Men’s roles are changing and becoming flexible, Quiet Riot Girl writes, which is for the best.

No, Seriously, What About the Men?

A closer look at how misandrist arms of feminism institutionalize the neglect of men and masculinity in women’s and gender studies.

The Mirror Cracked

Quiet Riot Girl examines the intersection of men, metrosexuality and disability.

The Myth of ‘Real Men’: A Response to Eliezer Sobel by Quiet Riot Girl

Quiet Riot Girl responds to Eliezer Sobel’s discussion of masculinity.