About Robert Duffer

Robert Duffer (www.robertduffer.com) is the editor of the Dads & Families section of The Good Men Project. Winner of the Chicago Public Library's writing contest, his work appears in the Chicago Tribune, MAKE Magazine, Chicago Reader, Curbside Splendor, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Public Radio, Annalemma, New City, and other coffee-table favorites like Canadian Builders Quarterly. He teaches creative writing at Columbia College Chicago and lives in the suburbs with his wife, two kids, and their minivan. Follow @DufferRobert, Google+, facebook.

Thanks For Reading

Whit Honea steps in as new editor of the Dads & Families section as Robert Duffer steps out and reflects on a year of growth.

College Campus Safety Quiz for Parents and Students

Parents can help their children be safe while they’re away at college by sharing and understanding these basic campus safety issues

Taking the Kids Out to the Old Ball Game

“Baseball is only for a minute but what you pour into it for your children is for a lifetime,” Torii Hunter, Detroit Tigers right fielder

Why Men Play Games

As stupid as fantasy football, playing cards, going on day-long golf outings may sound, the distractions men create to get together and hang out plays a vital role in mental and emotional well being.

Massive Man Cave Hosts Dads Playdate in Chicago

Traveling TOMY toy truck hosts play date for dads to play Battroburg and other video games in a decked-out man cave.

Kid Wit: How to Spell Second Grade

Kids offer great insight into the world without all those muddlesome adult issues.

Exclusive Interview with Modern Dads Producer Adrian Kulp

Modern Dads reality TV show featuring four stay-at-home dads with completely different circumstances debuts tonight on A&E.


As his marriage breaks apart, Robert Duffer tries to capture his kids’ childhood.

One Picture Once a Year for the Rest of Your Life

Dad and daughter take the same picture every year in the same place to create enduring memories in this two-minute TED Talk

The Game Changer is a Meal-Maker at Buffalo Wild Wings

Took the family to Buffalo Wild Wings on a summery day in Chicago. I’ll be back for another round of wings with that sweet barbeque sauce.

Breaking Bad is All About Family

What does a man do, Walter? A man provides for his family.

We’re Not Poor, Son: We’re Middle Class

When my kid said we should eat more McDonalds so we won’t be poor anymore, I revisited the theory of relativity

Study: TVs Pose Real Danger to Kids

American Academy of Pediatrics finds that falling TVs account for a rash of injuries in children, ranging from emergency room visits to death.

Arousing Intimacy in Marriage

Robert Duffer explains how a few changes to how you approach intimacy can help create the healthy sex life essential to a great marriage.

Should Dads Talk To Their Kids About Menstruation?

Researchers are asking fathers how they approach menstruation education with their children

Perversity and Parades

Celebrating Independence Day by opting out of the parade