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Scott Behson is a Professor of Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a busy involved dad, and an overall grateful guy. He runs the www.FathersWorkandFamily.com blog dedicated to helping fathers better balance work and family and encouraging more supportive workplaces, and also writes for Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, and, most recently, Time. He lives in Nyack, NY with his wife, Amy, and son, Nick. Contact him @ScottBehson on twitter.

Why Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason, and Craig Carton Are So Very Very Wrong About MLB Paternity Leave

Scott Behson writes about Mets Daniel Murphy paternity leave

A trio of sports radio pundits made awful comments in reaction to New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s recent paternity leave. Their ugly, ignorant remarks are a disgrace and need to be repudiated in the strongest possible terms

Hey Slacker Dad, Parent the Way You Want and Stop Being a Jerk About It

Hey Slacker Dad, Parent the Way You Want and Stop Being a Jerk About It

Scott Behson calls out an article defending traditional dads from the peer pressure of “50/50 dads” for unnecessarily insulting “involved” fathers and referring to them as “Wet Wipes”

Carl Crawford Leads Off


The Los Angeles Dodger began the 2014 season on paternity leave, making use of MLB’s forward-thinking policy. Scott Behson sees this as yet another reason to celebrate the beginning of a new baseball season.

Why One Father Supports Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” Campaign and Thinks You Should Too

Why One Father Supports Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” Campaign and Thinks You Should Too

The #BanBossy movement has sharply divided the opinions of fathers online, but Scott Behson believes that the campaign isn’t really about banning words—it’s about standing up for women

How Drivel Like Hanna Rosin’s “Men Are Obsolete” Harms Both Men and Women

old fashioned?

Scott Behson doesn’t see the advancement of women as the degradation of men, and he thinks framing it that way is dangerous

Hacks With Hall of Fame Votes


The results of this year’s voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame will be announced Wednesday. Scott Behson says it’s a shame that some of the sportswriters with votes take that responsibility so lightly or, worse, wield it vindictively. Here he calls out two.

Hey Dads – This Christmas, Give the Gift of You

dad kids

Scott Behson explains why, this Christmas, we should give our kids the opportunities to do more fun things with us.

Happy to Be So Wrong About the 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates


Scott Behson predicted another second half swoon for the Pirates. It takes a good man to admit when he’s wrong.

Joe Flacco and Hunter Mahan: Why They Both Made the Right Work-Family Decision


When it comes to work-family balance, Scott Behson won’t tell other dads what choices to make. Instead, when a dad is trying his best, Scott will support him

Curing the World of Jerks, One Son at a Time

No more jerks photo by tobyotter

Scott Behson can’t cure the world of all jerks. But he can help his son not become one.

I Consider Myself Insanely Lucky


A humble toast: Scott Behson celebrates 10 years of marriage.

Were Things Better Back in the Day? Hah!

Franklin Ruth Gleason

Why does it only seem like things were better eons ago? Scott Behson breaks it down.

Thank You, Elvis, for Helping Me Raise My Son

Elvis Presley

How a conversation about my son’s favorite singer- Elvis Presley- helped me teach him a valuable lesson about drugs (and honest communication, and rock and roll…)

Million Dollar Baby


Golfer Hunter Mahan walked away from a possible million-dollar payday to be at his daughter’s birth. Scott Behson says the overwhelmingly positive reaction demonstrates society’s attitudes towards fathers’ roles are changing.

I Hate to Rain on the Pirates’ Parade, But. . .


As a long-suffering fan himself, Scott Behson empathizes with fans who root for the Pirates. Still, he feels the need to tell them the truth.

Major League Baseball’s Paternity Leave In Practice


Jason Kubel, Michael Bourn, and Miguel Gonzalez are the latest players to avail themselves of Major League Baseball’s paternity leave. Scott Behson updates us.