About Tommy Raskin

Tommy is a frequent contributor to The Nation online and a co-host of The Angle on WAMH 89.3 FM.  He tweets @TommyRaskin and blogs at tommyraskin.org.

Would You Idolize a Janitor?

What makes a person great? Tommy Raskin opens up a discussion on the treatment of our fellow man.

If Not Now, When?

“We’ll deal with it later” just isn’t cutting it.

The Dinesh D’Souza I Knew Was No Tutor

Dinesh D’Souza recently expressed joy at being required to do tutoring as part of his five year probationary sentence that includes community service. Tommy Raskin recalls a time when D’Souza mocked him for insisting upon the importance of tutoring.

Holocaust Education: When Acting as Individuals Isn’t Enough

Yes, it is important to change individual views on racism. But it is also important, writes Tommy Raskin, to know when and how to pressure our governments to intercede.

How School Drug Policies Hurt the Disabled and the Depressed

Tommy Raskin believes that current drug policies in schools tip the balance against young people who are self-medicating because of disability, depression, family dysfunction and social exclusion.

The Myth of the Able-Bodied Man as Man

There are already many boys who view the coveted prize of masculinity as out of reach. No where is that more apparent than in the case of those with physical, developmental and mental disabilities. Tommy Raskin discusses ways to fix that.

The Creation of ‘Black Crime’

The news media has a funny way of covering crime … and an even more troubling way of covering “black” crime. Tommy Raskin breaks down the clear political, racially-charged biases of the media and how it’s influencing the national understanding of race and crime.

Explaining Reparations to the Anti-Tax Crowd

Tommy Raskin looks at two different ways to make reparations to oppressed people — either directly or indirectly. Which would you choose?

Brains and Banditry in the Age of In Vitro

Tommy Raskin looks at the complexities of IQ, from the historical to implications for the future. —– There will likely come a point in the next couple centuries when our technology surpasses the limits of our current doctrine of “technological ethics.”  At this juncture, we will be capable of fundamentally altering the quality of human […]

Yellow Card Warnings and Iraqi War Crimes

Tommy Raskin wants to leaders to be held accountable for war crimes so that students can learn the truth about consequences.

Want to Know Why Students Are Disrespectful in School? Let’s Listen to a Student.

Tommy Raskin looks at the issues that he sees as spawning disrespect in school.

What Is the Value of Courtesy and Dignity in the Workplace?

Tommy Raskin believes that civility to workers improves the workplace environment and creates a world of empathy– all without a cost.

The Pointlessness of School Suspensions

Tommy Raskin makes a case for looking at alternatives to suspending students from school.