Lying to Children

GI Joe, Barbie, gender stereotypes, body image, children's body image, children's role models

Where fantasy stops, untruths begin. Carl Pettit writes on the relationship between media and body image.

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The Corporate Death Penalty


Should corporations suffer the same consequences as United States citizens? Carl Pettit argues in the case of corporate personhood and their constitutional rights.

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The Zen of Don Draper’s Frown

Jon Hamm, Mad Men, Don Draper

Jon Hamm’s compassionate sneer manages to capture the Zen koan of Draper’s ambivalent soul.

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Drone King

drone missiles, drone strikes, unmanned drones, military technology, war ethics

Drone technology that preserves the lives of American soldiers may come at a price to American civilians.

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All Is Forgiven

fate of hypocrites, political hypocrites, religious hypocrisy, love thy neighbor, forgiving hate

There’s a difference between true forgiveness and turning a blind eye.

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Rich Man, Poor Man

wealth inequality, rich eat poor, luxury goods industry recession proof, Root Down

Why should the obscenely rich scale back so they’re just extremely rich?

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The Politically Correct Terrorist

terrorism, bombings, War on Terror

How do we define terrorism? Carl Pettit takes a closer look.

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Does True Love Exist?

love is a puzzle

Carl Pettit is a romantic: despite the word’s overuse, he still believes in love—true love.

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A World of Illusion

conspiracy theorists, paranoia, vast government conspiracies, alternate theories of historic events, violence, mass murder, Root Down, Carl Pettit

A world full of conspiracy theorists is the perfect place for an evil mastermind to work, undetected. So warns Carl Pettit: but just which side is he on?

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The Power of the Human Voice

oratory, public speaking, YouTube, viral videos, great speakers, TED Talks

In the age of the internet, what is the value of the human voice?

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Growing Up on Planet Porn

tree of knowledge, innocence, childhood, porn, sexual images, sexual health, sex education, boys sexuality, masturbation, internet porn, Playboy, Penthouse, nostalgia

Were our kids sexually healthier when sexual images were harder to come by?

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The American Phoenix

American bald eagle, American culture, American identity, independence, America, values, reincarnation, reinvention, life change, second careers

America’s strength is its ability to reinvent itself.

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Crisis Mode

freaking out, panicking, panic mode, crisis, oh no, The Good Life, Root Down, Carl Pettit, The Good Life

The world is plagued by crises. Carl Pettit could do with a ‘problem’ or an ‘issue’ every once in a while.

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The Gentlemen of Paradise

male mandarin duck in breeding plumage

Carl Pettit finds the mating rituals of the male of the species, avian and human, comically and tragically similar.

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Slaves and Robots

R2-D2 from Star Wars

If we invent a machine with a personality and desires, does it deserve freedom?

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Faking It

Pope Benedict XVI

Who do you put your faith in, who might be faking their belief?

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