“We all are guilty of expressing raw emotion in an unproductive manner–especially in intimate relationships”

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  1. I think the anger that came from this series of posts wasn’t so much the idea that women should not be offered understanding from men but maybe from the way that message was delivered.

    The original post started off stating there was a universal lack of empathy for women who are acting in rage. Well that’s not entirely true as was pointed out in the comment sections of those posts.

    It comes back to point that when trying to extend help, compassion, understanding, or what have you to one group is there a need to deny the current reality (or deny the current reality of another group)? I’ll be the first to agree that men extending compassion and understanding to women would do a lot of good. But I’m not going to pretend that women are in some (unique?) position of being denied those things in the first place.

  2. Caitlin, you seem very analytic and logical. If I were not an old geezer and were not already married to a wonderful woman for 40+ years, I’d be looking for a woman like you.

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