Finding the Warriors

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About Atalwin Pilon

Atalwin Pilon is a former bad boy from Amsterdam who had an experience of spiritual awakening at 32. Since that moment he committed to the truth and lives from his heart. Currently he is traveling the world on a quest for meaning, aiming to make a difference. Follow him on his blog Basic Goodness, Facebook and Twitter. You can try him out as your life coach too, if his voice speaks to you. Email him. He will be honored.


  1. Your article rings true, Atalwin. First and foremost I try to be aware of when I start pointing fingers, I have three pointing at myself.
    I’m sure you have your definition of what it means to be a “warrior”. I’m also pretty certain it bears little resemblance to the traditional definition other than to stand up and “fight” for one’s beliefs. However the nature of the battle bears little resemblance to the traditional definition. When I joined the military, I went through a condensed training and indoctrination program. The new warrior needs training as well. Perhaps in a future article you can discuss the characteristics of the warrior you refer to. A good start might be your article on what it means to be a good man and expand on that.
    In the final analysis, I suggest that the warrior of today needs grounding not in fear and violence but in love and compassion for others. That state can be achieved only after each of us manages to master our own passionate natures. To master oneself is the greatest victory and in truth the highest lifetime goal…

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