Asperger’s: A Chronology, an excerpt from FATHERMUCKER

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  1. Hmm. As an aspie, I have mixed feeling about this article. I always cringe when I see a non-autism related publication publish something about Asperger’s, as they are usually rife with errors and prejudice. But this wasn’t too bad.

    On one hand, I appreciate the fact that you gave voice to those who refute the “disease” nonsense. On the other hand, the fact that you portray Asperger’s children as primarily burdens and nuisances to their poor parents is troublesome and reminiscent of sick Autism Speaks propaganda.

    Well, thanks for being mostly reasonable with your portrayal, I guess.

    • As a fellow aspie, I am basically completely agreeing here. It sounds interesting, but it was great (sarcasm) to hear the whole “children with asperger’s are only ever burdens on their family/friends, and autism steals your true children from you” implication all over again.

      However, the kid sounds well-characterized!

      (I personally think the ASD idea is a good one, and am kind of annoyed that a presumably-neurotypical has decided that they understand the “consensus” amongst people with asperger’s. Just like any group, we are varied and have lots and lots of disagreements.)

  2. I suggest to the author of this piece that they read up on two influential figures in the autistic community: Donna Williams and Temple Grandin.

    The former has written stories pertaining to her life which became bestsellers whom advocates for autistic people in her native land of australia in addition to around the world.

    The latter is a specialist with animals and has designed top of the line cattle equipment to help ease the pain for cows on their way to the slaughterhouse. Make it more humane. She has also written books about her life, also bestsellers, one of which had been given the movie treatment for HBO television. In the end, she has earned a doctorate and speaks out on animal and autistic issues. She resides in Colorado, USA.

    These two should be given equal coverage to balance out the negative portrayal of the autistic system from the medical community.


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