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  1. Nothing illustrates the insular nature of sport in the US better than an article having to explain to people who Jose Mourinho is.

  2. Tom Matlack says:

    Continuing the great tradition of sports writing at GMP. Well done brother!

    • Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) says:

      we are still waiting for the articles on how so many men suicide in divorce. We are still waiting the articles on the crimes committed in the family courts.

      Oh. And by the way? They have outed you on Ms. Magazine as a subversive for the feminists. Did no one ever tell you women can not keep a secret?

  3. soccer fan says:

    I lived in Portugal from 1999 through 2008 and saw Mourinho’s rise through several teams in Portugal until he ultimately took on Porto and the rest of Europe. Through all of his antics and false modesty, he always showed the urmost respect for the team, the fans and the game. He is definitely a tribute to his country and a prime example of their spirit, fierce, proud and hard-working! Congrats on all of his past accomplishments and on all of those he has yet to achieve! Great article!

  4. Great article. I agree with the first comment. The US is clueless about sport outside of the US. I’m a Tottenham fan, so never liked Chelsea, but I always enjoyed listening to Jose talk about soccer. I like his style, and the way he goes about things. I hope a lot of people are reading this article, and learn that their are other great coaches outside of the US.

  5. Black Spot says:

    I don’t even like football, but I love watching him – he’s hilarious.

  6. People are complaining the game was dull. I found it very intriguing. An attack(barcelona) against defence(real madrid) drill. Barca’s attack is so lethal, so basketballlike that teams just wait on their 1/2 of the pitch. Try to make their half so congested that barca cant dribble or pass through them, and then try to counterpunch them.

    The dribbling skills of messi unpicked their defence locks. Messi is well on the way to joining the legendary closecontrol ball dribblers- pele, maradonna, best, zidane

  7. Max Ornstein says:

    It was a great, tense game for me, with both sides playing their styles, until Pepe’s joke of a red card, and then, once again, after Afellay’s cross. It’s no secret who I was rooting for, but to deny the greatness of those two goals is just asinine—even if, as I said, they were against a 10 man team that shouldn’t have been. Thanks for all the kind words on the article!

  8. Barca’s attack is so lethal in being able to thread the ball through any defence gaps, that im surprised teams havent tried to be ultra defensive. By pulling all ten outfield players into the last half of their own half. That would make that area so congested that i dont see how barcelona could get through, and the n try and counterattack.

  9. This has been a fascinating series of games between barcelona & real madrid. Two culturally & politically symbolic teams playing 4games in 14days, with 1 game left to play.

    From barca beating madrid 5-0 6months ago. To a nilnil draw game, then 1-0 to madrid, & then 2-0 to barca. As with the rangers & celtic series. Watching the swings in psychological momentums, the increasing tension, the increasing importance of each game has been enjoyable.

    I think there should be more series in football


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