Losing the Big Coin Flip

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About Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is the author of Extra Innings and is the editor of Bugs and Cranks. He and his wife live in a Baltimore house full of animals and catcher's equipment.


  1. Yeah – hard not to leak from the eyes isn’t it – Thanks for the post .

    • Thanks for reading it.

      Yeah, I feel weird about how sad I get after one of these conversations. If anything, guys like Charlie are kind of inspirational; they’re still participating in life, even when it appears they’ve been defeated.

  2. Marc Curtis Little says:

    Thank you for informing all of us that PEOPLE MATTER.

  3. great piece, thanks for writing it

  4. Your example of Charlie is someone who’s too far gone to help. Addictions are bad.

    There are people though who are without addictions, HIV and other incriminating problems, yet are poor and are in a financial crisis much like our economy and the European debt crisis – many today are living from paycheque to paycheque and on the verge of homeless or already are.

    Many want to work and keep their houses from bankruptcy, and be able to support their families. But the standard of living is increasing all the time, and jobs are disappearing; and the disparity between rich and poor is obvious. I think we’ll see more Charlies. This doesn’t have to happen…the average person doesn’t gamble – they’re normal people who want happy lives and security…who doesn’t?

    I don’t think a homeless person starts out in life with becoming homeless as a goal. Every able and hard-working person ought to be able to find work and have job stability. A job not only helps people out financially and provide a sense of security, but a job serves to give people dignity. Dignity is very important to the mind and body – our mental, emotional and physical health. That’s why a year ago, there were suicide stories, one story for instance: a father shooting his entire family and himself, after he just lost his job; he couldn’t imagine how he’d support his family – he felt that he failed his family.


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