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Lisa Hickey is CEO of Good Men Media Inc. and publisher of the Good Men Project. "I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public and become part of the popular culture for years to come." Connect with her on Twitter.


  1. Lisa, your passion is unstoppable! Grant Tinker, one of my early business heroes, is famous for saying, “First be best, then be first.” My personal extension of that has always been, “People Products Profits, in that order.” Because you clearly and intuitively grok both those concepts, there is little doubt in my mind where GMP is going — to utter success and global recognition!

    • Lisa Hickey says:

      Thanks Ken! Of course I couldn’t have even gotten this far without people like you and Tom Matlack helping me figure it out along the way.

  2. So cool, Lisa, how you can think analytically but retain your humanity. You might be obsessed with numbers, and for a good reason, but you haven’t forgotten to listen to what humans are saying around you. And how their interactions with one another, and with you, can have just as much bearing out the outcome as critical mass. Love your writing always! Good health and thanks to you.

    • Lisa Hickey says:

      Thanks Laura! I do believe it’s possible to be both a “numbers person” and “people person”. The more I understand the numbers, the better I can help the people involved in this organization. Appreciate all your great work and kind thoughts.

  3. Hello there Lisa, I just want to say something about myself and this site, I’ve spent my entire life struggling my childhood was me constantly being abused by women. I’ve done alot to try and be a man again my whole life, I feel in with misogyny because it was a simiple out but I knew it was wrong so I directed my hate some of it was earned by the fact I’ve seen first hand the bad side of feminism. In all it was a feminist woman that stuck by me she heard me out everytime something set off my PTSD. The guys who I fell in with used me as a statistic for their own gain. In all I owe some much to my feminist freind she saw the good man I was and felt it her duty to try and help me.

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