Rove Hack: The Anonymous Conspiracy

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  1. jack knight says:

    Of course it’s true. Recall the IT Specialist who was killed in an airplane crash the day before he was going to testify…… Rove, like all psychopaths, thought he was above the law. We’ll see.

  2. JahBless101 says:

    “This is the semen-stained blue dress of Rove Hack.”

    This line had me in stitches. I love a good conspiracy theory, but a part of me just cannot believe this is true (although due to the fact that it is such a compelling story, I will suspend disbelief for now).

  3. I really hope this isn’t true but I would put nothing past Rove.

  4. LOL wut. “Anonymous” isn’t some all-powerful hacker group. It’s a name anyone can use, really a bunch of trolls who hang out mostly on 4chan and other imgboards, and which occasionally gets used when someone has something to leak or someone wants to run a DDOS. It’s not some organized conspiracy that fights shadowy cyber-wars against the forces of American Crossroads in a movie that will be made-for-TV five years from now.


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