Scalping the Scalpers

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  1. My buddy and I made many similar attempts to get tickets to the BCS game. We ended up walking in without a ticket. I’m not kidding. It was an amazingly simple thing to do. I ended up in row 3 on the five yard line of the Oregon side. The reason I was able to get to that area was because people were standing throughout the game, so I just stood next to an Auburn fan at the end of row three and watched the entire game without sitting down. Nobody (including the customer service guy I spoke with throughout the game) was aware that I did not have a ticket. There is a flaw in the security at Phoenix stadium and we exploited it. I’m not particularly proud of it, but hey we couldn’t find anybody to sell us a ticket.


  1. [...] Scalping the Scalpers. Jeremy Herrig sold his tickets to the BCS Championship Game for $7,000, but still managed to get into the stadium to watch his alma mater come back and lose a heartbreaker. … [The Good Men Project] [...]

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