The Conversation: Let’s Talk About Race, Again

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  1. Richard Aubrey says:

    Is it possible to oppose Obama’s policies without coming from a place of racism?
    You will note I did not ask if it were possible to oppose Obama’s policies without being accused of racism. Easier to believe that, to write off people, than to do the work of considering their views. Heard that somewhere.

  2. PursuitAce says:

    If he were a repub, he would be getting ready to run against his own democratic version now. The extreme voices that lead the political discourse in this country have run off the rails. And they’re taking everyone else with them. Divide and conquer…a time tested strategy.

  3. Very interesting discussion-especially as it relates to the “saggy pants” phenomenon.

    Heres the thing for me-ive noticed that, when i actually ask brothas why they wear their pants in suich a manner, that im met with an extreme degree of defensiveness; partly due to the fact that the saggy pants wearers cant give a cogent answer. While i hear what champs saying im inclined to disagree with his “peacocking” assessment-because if that was the case the dozens of brothas ive asked this question of would have told me that they did what they do to attract the ladies. None of them did.

    I think the anger annoyance and defensiveness in extremis speaks to a kind of cognitive dissonance taking place in the minds of these brothas; i posit that they know deep down, that what theyre doing makes no good sense, especially when confronted with the facts of such a “styles” origins (gay men in prisons “signalling” etc); and so instead of grappling with that, they instead lash out at the messenger.

    My personal view is that the saggy pants issue is really a kind of cry for help-in this case, a cry for masculine guidance. Lets be honest-the vast majority of the pants sagging takes place among a cohort of men for whom the phrase “true grit” is alien, to say nothing of other masculine values and concepts that champ and i kind of take for granted, because both of us grew up with dads in our lives. Most of these young men, didnt havt any such thing.

    And, it shows.


    Holla back



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