The Good Voice Campaign Vol.1

The Good Men Project presents the first installment of The Good Voice Campaign. A collection of voices, submitted by you.

The Good Voice Campaign is a collection of quotes, dialogue, advice, overheard fragments of conversation, and any other form of spoken word that deals with everyday topics and are expressed by everyday people.

All good voice clips are collected through an open submission process. Whether you have an inspiring quote from your grandfather or overhear an interesting conversation about love, we urge you to submit and help more and more voices get heard.

In this inaugural installment, we observe a range of good voices, from the inspiring words of a dying father to the whimsical response of a porn perusing child. We find sound advice and naive humor. Outlandish opinions and inspiring quotes. Most of all, we find the voices of everyday. Voices that deserve to be heard. Voices doing what they do best. Enjoy.

Good Voice Vol.1:


“Men are nothing like dogs. If anything, men are like plants. Sometimes you’re not sure if they actually have feelings, but then you see them grow and mature. It’s kind of nice.” – Woman talking talk her friend, NYC Subway, E train. (Submitted by Greg Dybec)


My nine-year-old son, upon witnessing me cry: “When I cry you always say cheer up, you’re not dead. But you don’t know if dead people are sad.” (Submitted by Heather Paradiso)


“Don’t live your life trying to be macho. If you do that you might as well drive around without an engine, and yeah, maybe you’ll be big like Fred Flintstone, but good luck getting to work on time when you’re kicking your feet against the pavement.” – Sergeant Milano to his 18yr old son, Billy, two days before passing away. (Submitted by Brian Milano)


The other day I found my twelve-year-old son watching rather inappropriate videos on the family computer. I told him that we’d have to have a family talk when mom got home. As if he weren’t doing anything wrong, he replied, “Talking kills the mood, Dad.” I still haven’t told my wife. (Submitted by Eric Boothe)


I had the good fortune of getting a dream job right out of college serving as the Executive Director of a meditation center. Needless to say, I was stressed, trying to make everything just right. The president of the international organization, Shambhala, sat me down for the first meeting of what has become a long mentorship relationship. “Lodro,” he said, “always remember that perfection is the enemy of the good.” (Submitted by Lodro Rinzler)


Man: “I Swear, I thought Spike Lee was Asian.”

Woman: “That’s stereotypical.”

Man: “How is that stereotypical? Asian’s always have the last name Lee.”

Woman: “Thank you for proving my point.”

– Two students at bus stop, Utopia Pkwy, Queens, NY. (Submitted by Greg Dybec)


“Sometimes you just gotta be your own hero and save your own little heart. Because sometimes, the people you can’t imagine living without can actually live without you.” -Anonymous (Submitted by MediaHound)


“Who needs love when you have Starbucks.” – A woman talking to her friend at the Smithsonian, Washington D.C. (Submitted by Linda Hatcher)


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