The New “Women’s Work”: On Being A Male Human Resources Professional

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James Landrith is a healing rape survivor, public speaker, Vice President of Men Recovering from Military Sexual Trauma (MR. MST), internationally syndicated blogger, civil liberties activist and the notorious editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist (ISSN: 1552-3446) and The Abolitionist Examiner (ISSN: 1552-2881). Landrith can be reached by email at: [email protected] or at his personal website/blog.


  1. I have pointed out here that HR is dominated by women. THIS is why there cannot be any such widespread, corporation supported conspiracy to pay women less than men. Anti-gender discrimination public policy is primarily enforced by women. That would require women themselves to be behind the supposed widespread conspiracy to break anti-discrimination laws.

    One of HR’s main roles, especially so in large organizations, is to ensure that public policies against employment discrimination are adhered to, for numerous reasons – protecting the company from litigation being one, and the fact that doing the right thing in this area is overall best for the employees and, hence, best overall for the company.

    • You do realize that the same gender can oppress/treat badly their own kind? Eg mostly/if not all male politicians who setup conscription in the first place. It’s possible that women can do the same…

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