Waxing Whiskers

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About Andrew Amundson

In the nation's capital, bored with occasionally managing the Twitter and Tumblr accounts of a certain Federal agency and volunteering to read to children, Andrew dreams of a world where he has to do neither of those things. Hailing from North Carolina and having since lived in New York, Philadelphia and now Washington, DC; he was once told by a big-name publication to watch his mouth, he has since told them to go f*ck themselves. But not to their faces.


  1. Masculinity is hairy (except when we get old and lose hair on top). I’m not a big fan of the runway boys who have shaved chests and presumably, um, other stuff. Men have facial hair. Boys don’t. ’nuff said. Let’s bring back whiskers.


  2. Well, having over the past 10 years (I’m 28ish) gone from completely shaved to goatee, to goatee sans mustache, to chinstrap to full on beard now (regular maintenance required), I can say that people do view you differently, especially strangers. Though I’ve never been treated like a terrorist, I’ve been told by people that they were slightly scared of me until I spoke… and melted them with my gentle deep tone ;-). I think having a beard is as much, if not more self maintainance than being clean shaven, seeing as how I need to trip up the edges with a razor anyway, and buzz off the stragglers twice a weak to maintain that neat look. I think beards are entirely acceptable, so long as they are properly maintained. Gillette is still getting my business, btw!

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