A Farewell

Dear Tumblr,

We’re leaving you. We’re going to brighter, bigger pastures, that have better interfaces, commenting systems that make any goddamn sense, and fewer .gif walls. We’re leaving you. For wordpress.

Seriously, though. To our shock, delight, and moderate trepidation, Gen!Der!Fight! has been picked up by the Good Men Project, so the whole blog is packing up and moving over there. All of the content we’ve generated—with the possible exception of reblogs—will be transplanted to our Good Men Project URL. Rust and Rake will still be the writers for the new Gen!Der!Fight! except we’ll be going by Olivia and Charles (respectively). The content from here on out will pretty much be the same in terms of topics, tone, etc. We hope that those of you who are reading and following us on Tumblr will follow us to the Good Men Project and continue to read us there.

We’d also like to express a heartfelt thanks to those of you who have followed us here on Tumblr. Interface aside, our time here has been shockingly good. Almost fifty followers feels like absolutely nothing to sneeze at, especially given how few fights we’ve gotten into here. We’ve had some disagreeable comments, and just a couple of angry reblogs, but all in all Tumblr has treated us very well. Thank you for that, and thank you for your support. We’re very grateful.

A final note: if following non-Tumblr blogs isn’t for you, Rust is going to keep up her own Tumblr. It’s called Olivia Durdles and will probably behave much more like a normal Tumblr than Gen!Der!Fight! has (lots of reblogging, more porn, etc). It’ll contain links to posts made on the new version of Gen!Der!Fight and you’re very much invited to follow her there.

With thanks and affection,

You Humble Editors

Rust and Rake

P.S. We also have a Twitter now! It’s @genderfight. Most of our short-form stuff, as well as links to regular entries will go there, too.

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