Boy Scouts of America Close to Changing Policy on Homosexuals

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  1. So now the BSA can fully back-up their proclamation of instilling character. Recognizing people for what and whom they are, learning to accept and allow.

    If you go WAY back to the roots of the anti-gay rhetoric within and directed at the BSA, you can rediscover that it was fear of the molester that drove the discrimination. LONG ago, he media used correspondence between two scout leaders about the “goldmine of vulnerable boys” one had found at a certain section of the nation.

    Back then, the immediate and default assumptions were that “gays” did the child raping in this world and all the bull-shit myths that surround the dynamic were true. Media (like 60-Minutes) would go on to bolster that premise with claims that the molestations made the boys gay, offenders and an all-around danger-chain. The resulting disastrous reactions were continued and guaranteed silence of victims (Rob raises hand).

    Please don’t allow or accept rhetoric that gives new life to the myths that “gays offend against children,” thus allowing the balance of the myths to re-take the earth. It will truly cost many many souls.

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