Do You Remember Your First Time?

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Jamie Reidy is a writer and Propecia "before" model. His new book A Walk's As Good As A Hit: Advice/Threats from My Old Man is a collection of funny essays about him and his father. His second book Bachelor 101: Cooking + Cleaning = Closing is a cookbook/lifestyle guide for clueless single guys just like him. His book Hard Sell: Now a Major Motion Picture LOVE and OTHER DRUGS
in which Jake Gyllenhaal played "Jamie."


  1. Oh, yes, I do remember my first time….. I was 15 and my cousin had given me her birth certifcate to go down to DMV and get a driver’s license to prove I was 23 so she would have someone to go out with! (naughty girl) We went out with 2 dudes for coffee after meeting them dancing; this was the late 70′s and I remember one guy had long sideburns and a floppy mustache. Well, they all ordered coffee, and what was I do to? I didn’t want to be “outed” so I got a cup, loaded up with enough cream and sugar to taste like a milkshake (which is what I really should have been drinking, after all!)

  2. Amen, Jamie. Love it. I didn’t drink a single drop of coffee until I was almost 34. Not even coffee ice cream. Hell, not even mocha chip ice cream (which was hard to avoid, growing up practically right next door to a Brigham’s). Then I moved to Italy. Had an espresso on my very first day, in the Florence train station — which, to your “candy cigarette-to-unfiltered Camel” point, was like never having done drugs and then jumping right to speedballing . . . in a train station — and I’ve inhaled some form of coffee every single day in the ten years since. It’ll eventually kill me, but I don’t care. Much worse ways to go. Impalement on something, for one. Thanks for the fun reminder of when/how I popped my own cafe cherry.

  3. Haha; started on a summer when I was 15, eventually got up to 3 larges a day (who sleeps on summer vacation?) Now I’m down to a cup every morning, but I haven’t missed a single day in years. Oh, except for when I work a night shift. Then I probably down 4 cups.

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