The Things In My Pockets

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  1. Aww James- this is the most manly piece appearing this week and there are no comments,,.
    Me I have 2 knives in my pocket, today & most days, a Swiss Army and a CRKT M16, keys and a lighter ( I haven’t had a smoke this time since 09/02/12), a wallet, money clip, a few band aids, some hose washers and a couple #2 Philips bits and a #2 Robertson, a piece of Bounty paper towel and an IPhone.
    In my book carrying tools is a part of masculinity.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mr. Diaz. Those are some well-equipped pockets you have, and congratulations on almost one year smoke-free. Keep it up!

  3. Nice article. As for myself:

    Right pocket: Keys (23 to be exact), and a key fob for remote lock / unlock, etc…; and a Buck folding knife (yellow and black)

    Left pocket: small flashlight, 3 USB sticks of varied capacity, ear plugs, a flattened out mini roll of duct tape, a lighter (no, I don’t smoke), and some chapstick.

    Back left: cell phone

    Back right: wallet (err… document / note catch-all) :)

    I know that we’re talking about pockets here, but i also carry a military issue Gerber multi-tool on my left hip, and a Timberline Model 4900 knife on my right.

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