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  1. Hmmm, yes, well, maybe Ruckus will have an epiphany in the final scene — after the ghost of Django Unchained has shot him in both knees — and he’ll say, “Right on, right on.” Then again, maybe not.

  2. Ooh.

  3. Chace Thibodeaux says:

    A live-action Uncle Ruckss movie?!?
    The character may be funny within the context of the strip, but he’s a pretty one-note character that I can’t see warranting an entire film.
    I used to love The Boondocks strip when it first appeared. Read it daily the first few years. But never really got into the cartoon version ( although the MLK Jr. Episode remains a favorite).
    But the the strip seemed to turn from being biting social commentary to being an excuse to attack every famous Black person for not living up to McGruders standard of Blackness, and I lost interest.

  4. the BOONDOCKS has been basically worthless since it jumped from strip to tv. it’s very apropos that you cite Chappelle’s vacating his series because his audience is largely the same as that which watches the BOONDOCKS and that is, very much, folks laughing AT, rather than with.

    I really tried to give that show a shot because i loved the strip so much but, no. this crap needs to stop. a film focusing on ruckus would win the SERGEANT WATERS award for being that year’s Moonshine, King of the Monkeys.

    Enough’s enough.

  5. I thought the first season of the Boondocks was a solid first effort with plenty of growing room. The 2 seasons after that have been very hit or miss. After only 3 seasons it already feels like McGruder is running out of ideas and often relies on the sort of broad humor that you find in typical black comedies, the very films he once made fun of in his comic strip. Honestly, after the first few years, the strip itself became a way for McGruder to snark on current events and blast famous people he didn’t like. It was still often funny, but writing a 3 act 30 minute story is a different animal and I think Aaron needs to get some more voices in his writers room to help him out. If Wiki is to be believed it looks like the last season was mainly written by himself which is a tall order for 15 episodes of a comedy show. After all the original Simpsons shorts were mainly by Matt Groeing, but it was the other writers who helped him shape the series into the pop culture phenomenon it would become once it became a tv show.

  6. First – According to McGruder, Caesar isn’t in the series because the producers never found an acceptable actress to provide his voice. Apparently a script introducing the character was written at about the time Season 2 was done. I don’t know if they’re still looking.

    Second – while I somewhat agree that audiences misperceive the intentions of the Uncle Ruckus character, that is only partially the fault of the people who make the program Uncle Ruckus is really the least of my worries as far as missed/failed executions of concepts & ideas go on “The Boondocks” with me – Ed Wuncler III and his pal are key examples. While I don’t agree with being afraid of black humorists satire because idiots (pardon my language) might think it’s on the level, execution has to be everything. I don’t necessarily think Ruckus has enough of a strong opposite force in the show to counter against – a Huey/Caesar team-up would be ideal foils to Ruckus. I don’t think, however, that the character should be disused or even toned down – the satire just needs to be more tightly focused and its targets more distinct.

    There’s a lot of “it worked on paper/doesn’t work on screen” in that show. Nothing “happened” to McGruder (and to be clear, he is not the only writer on this show) other than the inability to do current event/political stories in the same manner as the comic strip, and the necessity to try to match the demands of the different medium of doing a 22-minute TV script versus a series of four-panel comic strips. The first season I found/find hard to sit through. The second season hand the first half of the third are much, much better. I don’t like the excessive cursing (*that word* isn’t censored because, in its timeslot, cable networks don’t consider it censorable. See also Comedy Central and “Chapelle’s Show”), and many of the episodes suffer from uneven timing, jokes that aren’t executed well, and (in season one) stretches of poor animation. The best episodes are the ones that take direct aim

    Third – Aaron McGruder not having $200,000 to make a movie on his own shouldn’t be that unbelievable. “The Boondocks” did well as a comic strip, but it was never a giant hit on the level of “Peanuts” or like that. Same for the book sales. There is little to no merchandising, and given how the production of the show has been handled, I can’t imagine that whatever deal McGruder signed when he sold the rights to Sony was really that lucrative.

    As far as trying to find other sources of funding, it’s not as simple as just getting a random person in Hollywood to just “sign that over”. It’s very likely McGruder didn’t want to have to answer to the demands of private investors, who would want a say in the creative aspects of the film. Since the Kickstarter didn’t succeed as is, I don’t think an Uncle Ruckus movie is on the way anytime soon as is.

  7. Kinny Anderson says:

    All I have to say is, BOONDOCKS is the best show I’ve seen. I dont care what anyone says. Rucks may be a irrelevantor whatever you want to say, but he is like an ordinary human that we have alot of in the locked up world. Think about it. Like I said, ANYTHING yall say, Is not cared from me. They all have personalities that ordinary people in the world have, so. Take several seats.

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