DadsGood in the ‘Ottawa Citizen’

Joanne Lucas wrote a piece about the Good Men Project’s daddy bloggers in today’s Ottawa Citizen. Originally, her plan was to write “a state-of-the-institution article about fatherhood.” During an interview with Andrea Doucet, GMP contributor and author of Do Men Mother?, for advice, Doucet directed Lucas to DadsGood.

In her article, “Modern fatherhood,” Lucas runs through our list of great daddy bloggers, highlighting some of their best stuff. She writes:

If reading a mommy blog is like joining a coffee klatch obsessed with dissecting Byzantine kindergarten politics, the daddy blog is more like beer on the porch, a squeamishness-free zone where almost nothing is taboo and no foibles go unmocked.

Take this piece by blogger Cole Gamble, which explores toddlers and their utter lack of bodily inhibition. Gamble breezily discusses his son’s pride at the number of clothespins he can accommodate on his wee-wee and his daughter’s tendency to run around while pulling apart her butt-cheeks and yelling, “I am Super Girl!”

Check out the full article here.

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