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Lost Recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Add Insight to His Legacy

Newly discovered recordings of Dr. King reveal rare insights on how his trip to Africa influenced his life, teachings and philosophy.

We’re About to Make Twitter History and You’ll Want to Be Part of It

Want more of The Good Men Project? Get ready for#GMPChat on Twitter!

Just How Real is Santa Claus?

Author Adam C. English explores the true story behind the myth of the modern-day Santa.

Video: The Mistletoe Experiment

What would you do if mistletoe suddenly appeared above you?

Role Reversal: Short Film Flips Sexuality On Its Head

“What if you were the minority? Would it matter then?”

Caine’s Arcade: Let This 9 Year-Old Inspire You

Here’s to the ingenuity of the unrestrained young mind. And also to the filmmaker, Nirvan, who organized a movement to give the little boy the awesomest day of his life.

Through a Father’s Eyes: Artist Captures His Children’s Lives From Birth To Adolescence in 3 Minutes

Frans Hofmeester shot footage of his daughter every week of her life, from infancy to 12 years old. It is breathtaking to behold the way a tiny little baby changes to an adolescent right in front of her father’s eyes.

Video: When Worlds Collide – Comedian Silences Room With Heartbreaking Honesty

Comedian Anthony Griffith got up on stage at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival and silenced the room… but it wasn’t an awkward silence.

Video: “3 AM” – Slam Poetry About Modern Manhood

Carlos Andrés Gómez and Adam Falkner’s poem about the swirling messages about violence and sexuality in modern manhood.

States Push for Cyberbullying Laws and Control

The rise in cyberbullying has helped motivate lawmakers across the entire country to address it with legislation — a testament to the pervasiveness of the problem.

Early Reports Say Billionaire Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman May Be Dead (Updated)

According to early reports, the world’s most wanted man, who has a $5 million dollar bounty from the US State Department, may have been killed in Guatemala.

Interviews with Men on Sex and Sexuality

What would you say if a woman stopped you in the street and asked your opinions about sex, porn and sexuality? Elana Millman’s video looks for the truth.

Activist Rock Band Outernational Offers Free Downloads in Honor of One Billion Rising

Outernational joins with One Billion Rising to promote making the world a safer place for women this Valentine’s Day.

Gas Station Mechanic Saves Stowaway Puppy’s Life (video)

Xavier Hernandez didn’t know what he was going to find when he saw a fluffy tail hanging out of the back of a woman’s car…

Beyonce’s Half Time Show Was the Best Ever – Ben Aaron Tells Us Why (Video)

NBC’s Ben Aaron presents a convincing (and funny) case for Beyonce being the all around Half Time Show winner.

A Sincere Compliment (Video)

How one group of Iowa students is combating cyber-bullies.