About James A. Landrith

James Landrith is a healing rape survivor, public speaker, Vice President of Men Recovering from Military Sexual Trauma (MR. MST), internationally syndicated blogger, civil liberties activist and the notorious editor and publisher of The Multiracial Activist (ISSN: 1552-3446) and The Abolitionist Examiner (ISSN: 1552-2881). Landrith can be reached by email at: james@jameslandrith.com or at his personal website/blog.

Survivor Advocacy Isn’t A Competition (Or You Aren’t Actually Helping)

James A Landrith on the equalization of healing between male and female sexual violence survivors.

Performance Reviews Are Not Performing Well

Distorting a process that determines pay raises and employee growth should not be an acceptable defense for nefarious behavior.

Dead Trees and Pixels (or Creativity Is The Real Answer)

James A. Landrith compares the differences between books and e-books, and what he finds might surprise you.

Male Rape Survivors Are People, Not Talking Points

James Landrith, on how not to create a hierarchy of suffering.

Keep Your Bags to Yourself (or You Aren’t A Transit Ninja)

James Landrith thinks that it’s worth talking about people who believe they are entitled to take up more than their fair amount of space in public. But those people are not all men.

Dear Allison (or Vile Female Rape Apologists Are Vile)

James Landrith believes that compassion should not have gender labels, nor be attached to a cynical hierarchy of suffering.

Advocacy and Ego Don’t Mix (or Get Over Yourself and Start Being Effective)

James Landrith reminds us that advocacy is about the end goal and not an individuals ego.

Reflections on Five Years of Healing and Speaking Out

James Landrith has spent five years speaking out as a male rape survivor. Here is what he has learned.

Survivor Advocacy is Real Work (or I’m Not Your Dancing Monkey)

James Landrith, survivor of sexual assault, does advocacy work. He doesn’t do it for entertainment. He does it to help other survivors and create social change.

Jane Doe, You Are Not Alone

James Landrith offers words of support to a young girl who was not only a victim, but was blamed for being so.

The New “Women’s Work”: On Being A Male Human Resources Professional

How did human resources become the most female-dominated department at most companies, and what does that mean for a man working in HR?

Male Rape Survivors and Victim-Blaming

James A. Landrith addresses toxic myths about male rape survivors.

On Ownership, Sexual Violence, and Standard Operating Procedures

In the world of dialogue about sexual violence, it’s time the language include men as more than aggressors. They are also victims, and we must acknowledge their experiences.

Men as the Solution, Not the Problem

James Landrith salutes the men making an impact in sexual violence work and survivor advocacy programs.

I’ve Got the T-Shirt and the Trauma Response to Go With It

James Landrith discusses life as a male survivor and recounts his experience of rape at the hands of a woman.

Getting Involved in Sexual Violence Work While Male

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and abuse. If you’ve been around the blogosphere for longer than five minutes, you may have noticed recurring discussions on sexual violence and feminist related blogs related to the need for men need to step up and take a bigger role in prevention and recovery.  I’m not going to […]