About Jamie Utt

Jamie Utt is a diversity and inclusion consultant and sexual violence prevention educator based in Minneapolis, MN. He lives with his loving partner and his funtastic dog, Chloe. He blogs weekly at Change From Within. Learn more about his work at JamieUtt.com.

Interrupting Bernie: Exposing the White Supremacy of the American Left

Two Black women called for a moment of silence for Mike Brown, and White “progressives” shouted and booed.

The Wages of Whiteness: How Ferguson Calls on White People to Regain Our Humanity

Jamie Utt explains how racism robs us of our ability to feel and to empathize in the face of injustice.

Stop Thinking Like a Perpetrator: 4 Ways to Better Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

Jamie Utt shows us four important ways to abandon perpetrator logic and stop denying the pain of survivors.

Ending Bullying: Being an UPstander, No Matter Who You Are

Jamie Utt wonders how many people stay silent in the face of bullying, and helps us teach kids to be UPstanders, not bystanders.

So, You Think Affirmative Action Gives White People a Disadvantage?

Let’s talk about the real affirmative action: Jamie Utt discusses white privilege, the American education system, and socioeconomic status.

White People: Take a Friend to See ’12 Years a Slave’

Jamie Utt has a request for his fellow white people this Thanksgiving weekend.

Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

Jamie Utt offers a list of seven guys who are turning their backs on old stereotypes to be advocates for equality.

100 Words on Love: Powerfully Selfish

Love is an act of will.

An Open Letter to the Rapey Frat Brother and the “How to Get Laid” Generation

Jamie Utt offers the Georgia Tech student who called women “rapebait” a sex-positive view of masculinity and party culture.

Dehumanization, Paternalism and Charity: On #FitchTheHomeless

Jamie Utt explains that while the person behind dressing homeless people in Abercrombie & Fitch was probably trying to do good, using people as pawns is dehumanizing.

Spring Has Sprung, But You Don’t Have To

With warm weather comes more revealing clothes. Jamie Utt encourages men to resist the urge to objectify or harass women in the spirit of “Spring Fever”.

Racism, Appropriation and The Harlem Shake

Jamie Utt explains how the YouTube craze being called The Harlem Shake is actually quite problematic.

I AM George Zimmerman

It’s been one year since Trayvon Martin was murdered. The most vital question today is this: What role are you playing in the transformation of society so that this cannot happen again?

Engaging with ‘Idle No More’ and Indigenous Struggles for Justice

Jamie Utt offers meaningful ways to help support Idle No More and other Indigenous and First Nations grassroots causes.

Want the Best Sex of Your Life? Just Ask!

Jamie Utt explains how consent is about much more than preventing sexual violence.

The “Yes, No, Maybe” Chart – A Tool For Talking About Consent

Jamie Utt offers a “Yes No Maybe” Chart to help couples talk about their limits—and their fantasies.