Pass the Casserole and Go to Hell


What happens when we need a God bigger than what we learned in Sunday School?

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Introducing the Not All Like That (NALT) Christians Project

NALT Christian logo

John Shore, along with many others, present Not All Like That, a website were Progressive Christians can voice their support for the LGBTQ community.

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Unexpected Sightings: My Emmaus Moment

photo by The Tire Zoo

Rev. Evan Dolive changes a flat tire on a hot day in Texas, meets a stranger, and has a revelation.

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Does a Picture Really Last Longer?


Are we doing good deeds out of compassion, or a selfish need to prove something to other people with photographs?

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The Quiet of an Empty Heaven


When Jarad Dewing lost his brother, he lost more than just his sibling. He lost his faith too.

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Ten Things Christians Should Say More Often


What kinds of things should we be saying that will show love and be life-giving to people?

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The Question that Made the Preacher Pause


The defining moment each week is when my prepared sermon looks back at me and asks, “Do you really believe this?”

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A Crutch, a Wish, a Bandaid, and the Search for Faith that Actually Matters


What happens to faith when you come face-to-face with tragedy?

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Why I Wish Gay Churches Didn’t Have to Exist


What if our churches took Jesus seriously when he said to love one another just like he loves us?

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The False Dichotomy of “Christians Vs. Gays”

gay and church photo by Ryan Welsh photography

Christian Clifton argues that the rift is because each side is seeing only a fraction of someone’s identity and treating it as the only defining factor in that unique individual’s life.

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Is Non-Violence A Christian Requirement?

Knotted gun

Jeff Eagan reflects on practicing Christian non-volience in an unthinkable situation.

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Have I Become The Christian I Can’t Stand?

Christian photo by Waiting for the Word

The Rev. Evan M. Dolive believes theology is deeply personal. And he struggles with the “I know more than you” mentality of Christianity he so often sees—in others, but sometimes in himself.

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A White Pastor’s Miracle in Trayvon Martin’s Church


Suffice it to say that she was easy to spot, being the only white face in the building, apart from the swarm of media, panting for a quote, just outside.

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Change Starts With Me

Knee injury photo by intangible

A dislocated knee helped Christian Clifton realize that whatever blame can be placed at the time of a traumatic incident, it is up to him to take the actions needed to heal.

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Learning to Be a Godly Man

Church Pews silent shot

Christian Clifton learns how to be a man of God through his failure to live up to God’s will.

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Christian Proselytizing: A Form of Oppression?


Warren Blumenfeld explains that many people in the US understand “Christian proselytizing as resting upon a foundation of Christian privilege in the United States.”

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