Movies: Jamie Foxx Will Play Electro In The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel [@hannibaltabu]


In a casting announcement for another role, it was leaked that Oscar-winning multi-hyphenate Jamie Foxx will indeed join the cast of Amazing Spider-Man 2. When last we heard from Jamie Foxx, he was crossing his fingers that he would be cast as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Foxx’s four year old daughter was a big […]

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Creative: Breaking Down The Benefits Of Making Comics [@hannibaltabu]


The following is a first person editorial. I saw an article referencing comments by writer Jim Zubkavich, who writes the largely entertaining comic Skullkickers (among other credits): Creator says creator-owned comics pay as little as $31.25 a page—if you’re lucky. On a print run of 5000 comics (and many, many creator-owned titles sell less than […]

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Escapism: The Komplicated Relationship Between #StarWars and Disney [@hannibaltabu]


On a day when the nation’s eyes were focused on a storm battered east coast, a single headline snatched the attention of genre fans, financial analysts, entertainment industry pundits and children everywhere.

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Technology: Hovercraft under $200K? Done.


The only way to fly. Drive. Sail. Whatever.

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A Cannon That Shoots Cars Instead of Cannonballs. How’s That for High-Tech?

flying car

This is the future, y’all.

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Technology: First Driverless Car Takes You for a Spin [@spodachozn1]

There you have it folks, autopilot for your personal amusement.

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Science: Our Place In The Universe [@neiltyson]


Really? It’s going to be okay. It really is. Here’s why.

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Komplicated Solutions: The Modern Man’s Utility Belt [@hannibaltabu]


The modern man is beset on all sides by challenges logistical and psychological. Here’s a possible solution.

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Futurism: The First Space Mining Company Is Set To Secure The Stars

space miners

Taking the first step towards, maybe, just maybe, becoming a type one civilization at long last.

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Science: Researchers Teach Robots To Make Their Own Tools, Mayhem Surely Follows Soon


Scientists give this Promethean concept to mechanical citizens of the world. What could go wrong?

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News: Homeless High School Students Take Top Marks, Graduate Despite Challenges


Not having a home or a family didn’t stop two young brothers from achieving despite the odds.

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Man of Steel

man steel 70b017742a19a1d970d-320wi

Geeks everywhere have dreamed of swinging on web lines, wielding a powerful hammer or even wearing the cape and cowl; but more geeks have worn an “S” in hopes of flying through the air like the superhero of all superheroes-Superman.

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Kids Can Now Pilot Their Own Mech


This clearly puts Power Wheels to shame.

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Escapism: Blackwatch For July 29, 2012 [@papadocabraxas]

Blackwatch aims to tell you where you can find Black folks in the heights of their geekiness.

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Japan Wants To Shoot Lasers At The Moon To Solve The Energy Crisis


The Luna Ring plan, which was introduced in Tokyo, is only the most recent in a long line of envelope pushing, seemingly kooky ideas to come from Shimizu Corp.

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Escapism: Blackwatch For July 22, 2012 [@papadocabraxas]

Blackwatch aims to tell you where you can find Black folks in the heights of their geekiness.

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