After Years of Separation, All This 85-Year Old Man Wanted Was to See His Daughter Again (Video)

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Bert is an 85-year old man who said his only wish was to see his daughter again, “before [he] goes.”

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25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son

men's life skills, life skills for men, fathers and sons, what fathers teach sons, manhood, Father's Day, importance of fathers

What skills do you wish your father had taught you?

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The Dude Sleeping with My Wife

family bed, bedtime, married life, life with kids, fatherhood, dads, sons, Oedipal complex, jealousy

Co-sleeping pushes Nathan Graziano to the couch. Is it sour grapes or true love?

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The Touch Ups

children chores, children responsibility, teaching children pride, teaching children love of home, families, #RealFatherhood

Pete Wilgoren lets his five year old daughter help him paint the house.

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Former Father of the Year

son in cast

There are two reasons Rob Azevedo doesn’t brag about his former title.

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Oliver’s Pink Bike [Video]

oliver's pink bike

A three year old boy’s pink birthday wish makes a man consider the kind of father that he wants to be.

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Five Things You Might Learn By Becoming a Father (If You’re Lucky)

dad and baby

Dan Coxon is lucky.

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Ten Tips for the Postpartum Dad


A new baby can turn your world upside down. Signs of paternal postpartum depression and more from Active Duty Dad.

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Things I Won’t Miss About Being a Stay at Home Dad to Babies

fed up baby

Now that his kids are a little bit older, Jeff Bogle can say it: there are things he won’t miss about having babies.

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Kid Weekends


Thomas Fiffer anticipates the beginning of a weekend with his boys.

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I’m Not Mr. Mom


Stay-at-home dad Jeff Bogle is creating a new image of fatherhood, every day.

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My Codependent Relationship


JD Roberto knows that his kids are going to grow up, and his heart will be broken.

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Dad v. Scorpion


Father of three Thomas Beatie left Hawaii to get away from weird bugs. But he moved to Arizona, home of the scorpion.

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The Worst Part of Being Divorced


Paul Schneider misses his kids.

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Supporting My Real Family


Stepfather Kieron Casey wonders what it means to be a “real” father.

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Papa’s Kiss

Sara Moran-Papa's_Kiss___for_your_RealFatherhood_campaign

Every day Sara and Damian get to be Cody’s parents is a gift.

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