Rock Salt Blues

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About Todd Mauldin

Todd Mauldin (@mrtavo) is a musician, writer and artist living in Reno, NV. He blogs at


  1. Tom Matlack says:

    Dude you are the greatest bluesmen I know. Which isn’t saying all that much because you are the only bluesman I know. But you are also one of the best men I know. And I know a lot of guys.

  2. Great work, Todd. Nice and concise and hard hitting as the best songs (of any genre). I’ve had a lot of those experiences, too, where you step out of your comfort zone and deal with what comes. Those are moments you never forget.

    Thanks for the reminder.



  3. Todd Mauldin says:

    Thanks Andrew. You know, I think you’re right. But I still have the shotgun I was carrying in the raft that day, and it has never worked right since we sunk that day some 20+ years ago. It’s there as a reminder, in case I ever DO forget.

  4. Brian Heward says:


    You Sir…. are edging close to parable territory!
    “A parable….What is it? Well it’s a little story with a lot of truth.”

    in my mind and I’m sur in the minds of your fellow good men, that’s a great thing.

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