His Cartoon Will Make You Think Twice About Climate Change

Rio 2

Famed Director Carlos Saldanha hopes Rio 2 will spark conversations on climate change.

Tiny Country’s Marriage Equality Bill Is A Big Big Deal

rainbow-Hartwig HKD-Flickr

Europe is getting ready to take a small step towards equality. Really, really, really small. More like inching a little toe forward just a tiny bit. But hey, it’s still progress!

Westboro Baptist Church: They’re Baaaaack!

perrys-prayer-rally-pat sullivan-ap

Each day we all are called on to make small and larger choices and to take actions. Which side are we on?

Hard Evidence: Why Aren’t There More Black British Students at Elite Universities?


Young people from black British backgrounds are more likely to go to university than their white British peers, but they are much less likely to attend the UK’s most selective universities.

Finding the Truly Heroic Among Us Mere Mortals

mere mortals by Stephen Sheffield

“The men whom I have met during the Project have each inspired me to grow in a different way. They are my heroes. What we need as men isn’t more silent suffering; it’s the willingness to tell and listen to the truth of our lives.” ~ Tom Matlack

Will Late Night Ever Reflect Our Nation? On Colbert, Letterman and Diversity

AP Photo

Does Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman mean that the networks are still afraid to diversify late night?

Marlon Wayans “Desperate for Laughs” in Haunted House 2

Marlon Wayans

For Marlon Wayans, it’s all jokes. He’s not trying to change the world, just your mood.

Warrior’s Death a Blow to an Already Devastated WWE Fan

Ultimate Warrior Screen Shot

I believed in The Ultimate Warrior. And despite my buried alive childhood, I still will.

Man Jumps Onto Subway Tracks, Saves Woman

Picture: Marcin Wichary/Flickr

Reporter happens to witness rescue.

Firefighters Hunt Ruins, Find Lost Ring for Widow

APTOPIX Boston Brownstone Fire Funeral

Boston crew fulfills a promise after last week’s deadly blaze.