Why I Write – We Want to Publish Your Story


Do you write for yourself, or for an audience? Do you write to tell a story, or to change the hearts and minds of men? This is a call for submissions — your chance to tell the world why you write.

Have a Good Day, Please

Todd Fuerst

Todd Fuerst is deployed and has seen the events back home. He wants all of us to have a good day.

1,071 Murdered Since 1992: More Must be Done to Protect Journalists Like James Foley

james foley

Media organisations have a responsibility to look after their staff – too many journalists are being killed for doing their jobs.

The Most Wanted Man in the World: Edward Snowden’s Untold Story


The message arrives on my “clean machine,” a MacBook Air loaded only with a sophisticated encryption package.

The Measure of a Man as Seen in a Good Dog

homey 6

One good dog influenced a man and everyone he met.

Baby Got Class: A Back to School Parody

baby got class

The Holderness Family gets you ready to go back to school. Yes. ‘Frozen’-free parodies really do exist.

The First Black Mayor of Philadelphia and His Story of Service


Approaching 80 years strong, Reverend W Wilson Goode, Sr., still serves the community.

Rap Video Uses Real Footage To Show What Happens When You Call The Cops

call the cops

Thaddeus Howze knows what it’s like to eat pavement, have his glasses cracked, and made to bleed because he “fit the description”, so this video strikes him to his core.

Ferguson Through the Eyes of a Teenager: ‘Am I Next?’

don't shoot

A 16-year-old kid says more with a marker and paper than all of the media did.