Australia Tweeted #IllRideWithYou—and Showed Great Solidarity in a Moment of Crisis

ill ride

The trending hashtag was a vital response to a terrible situation.

Michael Brown’s Death Is Now Part of American History

AP photo: Charlie Reidel

David Alm on Michael Brown and America’s parallel history.

Mayor’s Video Message to Phiadelphia Police Was Necessary, But So Is Repealing Stop-and-Frisk

mayor nutter

In new video addressing the police force, Philly’s Mayor is vocal on the use of excessive force, yet mute on ineffective polices.

Contesting “Political Correctness”


Opinions without justification are just that—opinions.

Unless You’ve Lived Life as a Native Person, Don’t Speak for Native People

AP Photo

Did you grow up hearing you have Native American ancestors? Ramone Romero wants you to remember that your family’s stories are not the same as living life as a Native person.