Why Philadelphia’s Uptown Theater Won’t End Up Like D.C.’s Howard Theater

Philadelphia’s Uptown Theater, under renovations, will follow a path upon opening which would almost ensure that it doesn’t mirror the Howard Theater in Washington D.C. — In the present and in the past, the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia and the Howard Theater in Washington, D.C. have shared similar narratives. In the 1960’s, both ornate theaters […]

How Reforming Public Education can Decrease Gun Violence

Conflict resolution must become a subject that, from grades K-12 in public education, has to be consumed and comprehended by students.

John Stamos Wins April Fool’s Day for Netflix—and You

John Stamos wins the day. Or did he?

Feminist Man Strikes Yoga Pose–Just Like His Father Before Him

The Good Men Project loves good men at work.

Top Philadelphia Officials to Address Stop-and-Frisk at Town Hall Meeting

The head of the Police Advisory Commission and Deputy Legal Director at ACLU PA to join Philadelphia Mayor and Police Commissioner at stop-and-frisk town hall. — An upcoming Philadelphia town hall meeting in April on the issue of the future of stop-and-frisk, an event on the 29th of the month that’ll be attended by both […]

Are You Fearing Success or Failure Today?

The fears of risk and reward may feel the same.

Environmental and Nature Writers Have A Home at The Good Men Project

Nature writers have a home at The Good Men Project, and you do too!