Reconciling the Cruelty of Life


No matter the situation, you always have two options. You either give up or you get on with your life. You either live or you die.

Choosing Courage

Choosing Courage

Do you have the courage to become who you were created to be or do you fail to grasp the responsibility of your own actions?

Can A Backyard Be Relentlessly Gay? An Interview with Julie Baker


Baltimore resident Julie Baker’s backyard decorations caused the internet to light up. Jeremy McKeen has the interview. — If only there was a popular religion or philosophy out there to teach people how to love their neighbors. Baltimore, MD resident Julie Baker was recently scolded by an unknown neighbor for lighting up her yard with rainbow-colored Mason jars full […]

The Unfortunate Rape and Preventable Suicide of Milo Arthur

male rape - london

Male victims of rape and sexual abuse matter and should be supported.

5 Ways to Educate Yourself on the LGBTQ Community


June is LGBTQ Pride Month. Here are ways you can enhance your appreciation for the human rights journey unfolding around us.