Assisted Dying Bill is a Chance to Focus Our Debate on Quality not Quantity of Life


There’s still much more work to be done around palliative care. We need to do more to ease the pain and suffering of terminally ill patients and allow people to die comfortably, with dignity, and at peace.

Is This a Deleted Scene From The Wire? Nah, It’s Just a Case of Real-Life Good Police

KC Cops play basketball with kids

What happens when cops block off a street in Kansas City? Not what you expect…

The Word She Heard Before Her Husband Hit Her

b word

Erin Andrews was called a “b” and Tony Posnanski was reminded of the day a reader schooled him for using the word, even in jest.

Joep Lange: A Brave HIV Researcher, a Great Friend and Colleague


Professor Lange’s friend and colleague David Cooper reflects on their work together and Lange’s legacy.

In Memory of Joep Lange, AIDS Research Hero, Who Was Killed Aboard MH17

Dr. Joep Lange and his wife, Jacqueline van Tongeren. Courtesy of the PharmAccess Foundation

Every life lost aboard MH17 was a huge blow to humanity. Here, we remember one of the great names in the race to prevent and cure AIDS, Dr. Joep Lange.

Florida Judge Overturns State’s Ban On Gay Marriage, Attorney General Fires Back


A Republican judge in the Florida Keys has overturned the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage after a legal challenge was brought by six same-sex couples who claimed the ban made them second-class citizens.

We’re Still Not Tracking Patient Harm

medical-rick kimpel

Top patient-safety experts call on Congress to step in and, among other steps, give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wider responsibility for measuring medical mistakes.

In Desegregation Case, Judge Blasts School Officials and Justice Department


A federal judge in Alabama says local school board has failed to meet legal mandate to integrate.