Five New Comics From Black Writers Develop Diversity Outside The Mainstream

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Regardless of the deplorable hiring practices of the two biggest companies in comics, Black writers are producing some top notch material. Four new comics available today, and one free one from last week, showcase some of the breadth of talent available.

FIVE WEAPONS #3 (Image Comics)

cover to five weapons #3

The only thing more amazing about the sheer volume of awesome things in an average issue of Five Weapons is that Robinson not only writes this masterful exercise in entertainment, he draws everything as well.

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #23 (Dark Horse Comics)

cover to Dark Horse Presents #23

The Genre 19 team of Geoffrey Thorne (Leverage, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien) and Todd Harris (God of War 2, God of War 3, After Earth) conclude their Journeymen story in an anthology alongside some of the industry’s top talents.

MILES AWAY (Antarctic Press)

cover to Miles Away

Enterprise actor Anthony Montgomery write alongside Brandon Easton (Armarauders, Cartoon Network’s Thundercats) to create a new action adventure with the tagline, “In school he feels like an alien, after school he fights them.”

ROBOY #1 (Lion Forge Comics)

cover to Roboy #1

Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Easton also penned another youth-friendly title with a 12-year-old discovering there’s more to him than meets the eye, and using his newfound powers to make a way for himself.

DUSU: PATH OF THE ANCIENT #1 (Stranger Comics)

the cover to dusu: path of the ancient #1

As reviewed here on Komplicated by “sword and soul” expert Balogun Ojetade, this intense fantasy story written by Sebastian A. Jones and Christopher Garner places a human in a tribe of wild elves, all fighting for survival in a harsh landscape populated by axe-wielding Unglishmen, murderous magicians and more. Oh, and it’s free.


One of the biggest reasons given for not hiring Black creators is that they can’t generate sales and can’t generate an audience. There’s enough preview material available for you to make a decision on quality — if you vote with your dollars, situations can change.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these. I just downloaded Dusu. No way this should be free. I would have paid good money for this. I plan to get Miles Away as well. That book looks very cool. I’ve been waiting to get Five Weapons in trade, but I might pick up 1-3 this Saturday just to support the book.

  2. Going to check out these books, love that Dusu cover and Miles Away sounds fun.

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